Public Relations for B2B Tech Companies: In-house or Outsource?

March 30, 2021

So your B2B tech company has hit its stride. You’re signing new clients, honing your product offerings, and even attracting some industry attention.  The time has come: you’re ready to invest in PR. Phew! That’s […]

3 Critical Content Marketing Tactics that Actually Drive Leads for B2B Tech Companies

March 26, 2021

Your B2B tech company can go all-in on content marketing, but if you don’t know the content marketing strategies that actually drive qualified leads to your sales team, you’ll be out a whole lot of […]

Is B2B Influencer Marketing Worth the Money? Everything You Need to Know About IM Strategies

March 23, 2021

The influencer marketing industry has been a savior of sorts to many businesses since the world was exposed to COVID-19 in early 2020. As the pandemic spurred a massive shift to online-only business, companies that […]

Digital PR vs. Traditional PR: Which is Better for Your B2B Company?

March 17, 2021

Digital PR and traditional PR are like two sides of the same coin. They have the same goal — to increase brand visibility and reach — but they have different expressions. We believe PR firms […]

WTF is the PESO model? A look at our digital marketing and PR strategy

March 16, 2021

As a digital marketing and PR firm, we want our clients to be seen. In order to do so, we showcase their brand in every way possible. This means that every platform, medium, and the […]

How to Use Digital PR to Build A Relationship With Influencers

March 11, 2021

In case you hadn’t heard, the world of online marketing is changing — and so are the focuses of Digital PR firms. The tactics you used so successfully to drive traffic to your website just […]

Everything You Need to Know About Digital PR

March 8, 2021

Before there was digital PR there was…well, PR. Publicists worked with print publications, TV stations, and radio stations to gain coverage for their clients and expand their clients’ brand reach. They hosted events and press […]

6 PR Trends Reshaping How We Think in 2021

March 5, 2021

How has PR changed in the last year? In so many ways. But what hasn’t, right? People are working from home, brands and businesses are finding that their digital presence is the primary element winning […]

Twitter’s Upcoming Paid Subscription Service: What You Need to Know About Super Follows

March 2, 2021

Twitter is planning to test a new paid subscription service where users can subscribe to get exclusive tweets from their favorite accounts. This is an emerging trend on various social platforms. Consider Patreon, or even […]

Stay Relevant, Folks: Your weekly marketing and PR roundup

February 26, 2021

Good PR and successful marketing strategy rely on relevance, so we’re bringing you a roundup of relevant blogs, posts and talks to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry. On the radar in the […]


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