Navigating the Complex B2B Technology Buying Journey

We help innovative technology brands influence discerning buyers and drive measurable growth.

Our Expertise in the Technology Sector

We specialize in helping innovative technology brands across a wide range of verticals, including:

  • Enterprise Software (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Cybersecurity and IT Services
  • Martech and Adtech
  • FinTech and Blockchain
  • HealthTech and MedTech
  • EdTech and E-Learning
  • Consumer Apps and Platforms
  • Emerging Technologies (AI, IoT, AR/VR)

In today’s crowded and constantly evolving technology landscape, standing out and gaining the trust of sophisticated buyers is more challenging than ever. Whether you’re a B2B technology provider or a B2C brand with a complex offering, you need a strategic approach to build credibility, engage decision-makers, and drive revenue.

At Zen Media, we specialize in helping technology brands navigate the complex buying journey and achieve their growth goals. Our proven GTM Influence Model™ combines PR, content marketing, and social media strategies to help you:

  • Establish thought leadership and differentiate your brand in a crowded market.
  • Engage decision-makers with compelling content and experiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • Build trust and credibility through earned media placements and social proof.
  • Align with sales to enable more effective outreach and conversations.
  • Measure and optimize the impact of your efforts on pipeline and revenue.

Proven Success with Leading Tech Brands

See how we've helped leading technology brands achieve success:

We positioned this AI-powered creative app as a must-have tool for professional content creators, driving a 150% increase—more than 11,000 downloads—in just 90 days.

Antuit.Ai: We launched this AI demand forecasting platform into the retail and CPG market, securing coverage in top industry publications and generating 50+ qualified sales opportunities. (ACQUIRED)

AdRoll: We elevated this retargeting pioneer’s brand to reach new audiences and markets, contributing to 60% year-over-year revenue growth, and an 8000+ month-over-month increase in branded search.

Cheetah Digital: Drove recognition of the customer engagement platform as a Leader in the Forrester Wave, supporting a 200% increase in their sales pipeline. (ACQUIRED)

Our technology client roster also includes innovative brands like ExpertusOne, Duckbill, Front, Poppulo, Lakeside Software, Kamua, ringDNA, Semarchy, Aurigo, Aura, LivePerson, qBotica, Ennoventure, and ibml.

We’ve helped these brands build credibility through compelling thought leadership content, earned influential media placements, engaged decision-makers across channels, and ultimately accelerated pipeline velocity and revenue growth.

The GTM Influence Model In Action


  • Develop compelling thought leadership content showcasing your unique technology insights and expertise.
  • Secure earned media coverage in outlets your buyers trust to build third-party validation.
  • Leverage case studies and social proof to demonstrate your solutions’ impact.



  • Amplify your content and coverage through targeted social media, influencer, and ABM campaigns.
  • Engage decision-makers with personalized content journeys that educate and persuade.
  • Build buzz and relationships through strategic event activations and industry partnerships.


  • Align with sales to develop enablement assets that drive more productive buyer conversations.
  • Measure your influence on key sales metrics like RFP invitations, deal velocity, and win rates.
  • Optimize your approach to maximize pipeline contribution and measurable ROI.

Technology Expertise

Our team brings decades of experience driving growth and market leadership for B2B and sophisticated B2C technology brands. We understand the unique challenges of marketing, selling, and building credibility in this complex industry.

From AI and machine learning to MarTech, FinTech, DevOps, and more, we have the domain expertise to communicate your value and differentiation to technical and business audiences alike.

Ready to navigate the technology buying journey with confidence and precision?

Contact us today to put the power of influence in your hands and learn how our GTM Influence Model™ can power your tech company’s growth.