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Public relations for Supply Chain & Logistics companies

The supply chain has been dominating the news cycle—from delays related to the global pandemic, fluctuating worldwide trade policies, economic instability, and heightened demand for consumer goods and raw materials. But it’s time for the story to shift. We want to put the companies innovating and reimagining the supply chain front and center.


Telling your story

Beyond planning for product demand, arranging shipments, overseeing sensitive freight, managing storage, planning transportation, and meeting tight deadlines—supply chain and logistics companies are at the forefront of technological innovation. With logistics software that can reroute freight to circumvent delays and sophisticated storage processes for delicate and temperature-sensitive materials—these companies go beyond ensuring that packages arrive on time. And it’s time to tell their stories.
Zen Media’s strategic relationships with trade publications and well-known media outlets like Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, and Newsweek enable us to get your story in front of your industry’s decision-makers. With over a decade of experience in strategic sales-enabled marketing and PR, we create strategies that generate leads and drive revenue.


PR for Supply Chain Companies

To keep a competitive edge and ensure top-of-mind recall among stakeholders, we help companies tell engaging stories, secure strategic media coverage, drive demand, and build brand awareness and authority. Are you ready to become a leader in the supply chain and logistics industry?

Content Marketing for Supply Chain Companies

Content is king, and our dedicated team of content marketers to help you develop a strong brand voice, compelling messaging, and the assets to communicate your value to potential clients. Through website copy, blogs, email marketing, white papers, PR bylines, and more—our team of experts will become extensions of your team, learning the finer details and nuances of your logistics software or supply chain services and communicating your story to the masses.

Social Media Strategy for Supply Chain Companies

Our team’s social media strategy can improve your organization’s supply chain management by increasing visibility, engaging potential consumers, and developing a consistent brand voice and appearance. We can build a base of followers through social media, engage potential prospects, and position your company in the trending and relevant supply chain conversations, setting you up as an influential voice in the space.

case studies

Gained over 1,300 new followers and 160k impressions and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter […]
When COVID-19 strained global supply chains to their breaking point, generated a shortage of critical medical products, and halted […]
Omnitracs, a middle market logistics company in the transportation space, needed to shift brand perception. They desperately needed to […]

Our inbound leads have increased nearly 5 times since we’ve started all this effort to get more media coverage, more content out there. And I know a lot of that is due to the media mentions helping drive brand awareness and visibility.

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Senior Vice President of Marketing ,

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