Public Sector and Non-Profit

Empowering Missions and Engaging Communities in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors

We help public sector organizations and non-profits build trust, inspire action, and achieve their missions in a complex and ever-changing landscape.

Our Expertise in the Public Sector and Non-Profit

Public sector organizations and non-profits face a unique set of challenges in today’s world. From navigating regulatory requirements and budget constraints to engaging increasingly diverse stakeholders, these mission-driven entities need a strategic partner who understands their distinct needs and goals.

At Zen Media, we specialize in helping public sector and non-profit clients cut through the noise and make a meaningful impact. Our proven Public Influence Framework™ combines targeted messaging, community engagement strategies, and impact-driven marketing to help you:
Build trust and credibility with your stakeholders.

  • Communicate your mission and value with clarity and resonance.
  • Mobilize support and inspire action around your initiatives.
  • Navigate complex public landscapes with agility and resilience.
  • Measure and optimize your impact on the communities you serve.

Case Studies

See how we've helped public sector organizations and non-profits achieve their missions:

NASA: Ignited public excitement and support for space exploration through an immersive, multi-channel campaign celebrating the Mars Rover landing.

US Navy: Drove an increase in engagement and high-quality recruit leads with a targeted digital marketing and influencer engagement program, resulting in nearly 5M impressions, with 500k engagements.

YMCA: Launched a community wellness initiative that engaged 50K+ residents and garnered widespread media attention for the organization’s impact.

Our public sector and non-profit client roster also includes purpose-driven organizations like KBA Kauai, DFW Airport, and Birthright Israel Beyond.

What is the Public Influence Framework?

The GTM Influence Model, as you may know, is our proven approach for helping B2B brands build credibility, engage decision-makers, and drive measurable business impact. It combines thought leadership, multi-channel engagement, and sales enablement strategies to influence buyers at every stage of their journey.

The Public Influence Framework adapts these core principles to the distinct challenges and objectives of mission-driven organizations. While the specific tactics and metrics may differ, the underlying philosophy is the same: building trust, engaging key audiences, and driving meaningful action.

Here’s how the key pillars of the GTM Influence Model map to the Public Influence Framework:

Credibility: Trust and Credibility In the GTM Influence Model

In the public and non-profit sectors, building trust and credibility is crucial. The Public Influence Framework puts a heavy emphasis on developing authentic, resonant narratives and securing validations that position our clients as trustworthy community leaders. Through this framework and the GTM Influence model, we establish our clients as trusted experts and thought leaders.

Reach: Community Engagement In the GTM Influence Model

The Public Influence Framework prioritizes broad community engagement, which includes identifying and mobilizing key stakeholder groups, building grassroots support, and nurturing a network of brand advocates and influencers. The goal is to meet audiences where they are and involve them in the mission.

Revenue: Impact and Action In the Commercial Sector

Our ultimate goal is driving measurable business outcomes like pipeline and revenue. For mission-driven organizations, the primary objective is impact—moving people to take meaningful action in support of the cause. The Public Influence Framework is designed to inspire this kind of action, whether it’s volunteering, donating, advocating, or changing behaviors.

So while the specific strategies and tactics may differ, the core philosophy of the GTM Influence Model—building credibility, engaging audiences, and driving meaningful outcomes—is very much at the heart of the Public Influence Framework.

The key difference is that we’ve adapted this approach to the unique considerations of the public and non-profit world, such as:

  • Navigating complex stakeholder landscapes with multiple audiences and agendas
  • Engaging and mobilizing communities around a mission, rather than a product or service
  • Operating within regulatory constraints and public scrutiny
  • Measuring success in terms of societal impact and change, not just financial metrics

By combining the proven principles of the GTM Influence Model with a deep understanding of these sector-specific nuances, the Public Influence Framework provides a powerful tool for mission-driven organizations looking to build trust, engagement, and impact in their communities.

The Public Influence Framework in Action

Trust and Credibility

  • Develop compelling mission and impact narratives that resonate with stakeholders.
  • Secure earned media placements that position your organization as a trusted leader.
  • Leverage endorsements, partnerships, and social proof to build credibility.

Community Engagement

  • Identify and engage key stakeholder groups with targeted messaging and experiences.
  • Mobilize grassroots support and participation through community outreach programs.
  • Build and nurture a network of brand advocates and influencers.

Impact and Action

  • Create clear, compelling calls-to-action that drive measurable engagement and support.
  • Develop interactive content and experiences that deepen understanding and inspire action.
  • Design and execute integrated fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Integrated Engagement Solutions

Our holistic approach leverages a range of engagement strategies and channels to drive maximum impact:

Public and Media Relations

  • Proactive media outreach to shape positive public narratives
  • Crisis communication planning and rapid response to mitigate reputational risk
  • Executive thought leadership and positioning to establish trust and credibility

Community Outreach and Grassroots Engagement

  • Local event activations and sponsorships to build community presence
  • Volunteer and ambassador programs to mobilize support and advocacy
  • Partnerships with community influencers and organizations to expand reach

Digital and Social Media Engagement

  • Targeted digital ad campaigns to reach and engage key audiences
  • Social media content and community management to drive interaction and dialogue
  • Influencer partnerships to build credibility and reach new audiences

Experiential and Interactive Content

  • Immersive digital experiences to deepen understanding and engagement
  • Interactive tools and resources to educate and empower stakeholders
  • Compelling visual storytelling to bring your mission and impact to life

Impact Measurement and Optimization

  • Customized KPIs and dashboards to track engagement and impact metrics
  • Regular reporting and insights analysis to inform strategy optimization
  • Stakeholder surveys and feedback loops to continually refine approach

Public and Non-Profit Sector Expertise

Our team brings deep experience driving engagement and impact for a wide range of public sector and non-profit organizations, from local community programs to global NGOs.

We understand the unique challenges of building trust, communicating value, and mobilizing action in this complex landscape. Our strategies are designed to help you navigate regulatory requirements, engage diverse stakeholders, and maximize your impact while staying true to your mission.

Whether you’re a government agency looking to build public trust, a non-profit aiming to rally support for your cause, or an educational institution seeking to engage your community, we have the expertise and proven framework to help you succeed.

Ready to build trust, inspire action, and maximize your impact? Contact us today to put our Public Influence Framework to work for your organization.