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Why us?

On average, our clients see a 92-97% increase in demand generation and lead volume compared to their prior marketing efforts. This translates into a 58-68% boost in sales and revenue growth.

Our Approach

The GTM Influence Model for B2B Success

At Zen Media, we've pioneered a new approach to B2B marketing that we call the GTM (Go-to-Market) Influence Model. This model integrates the five key pillars of our agency – Zen Mind, Zen Digital, Zen Production, and Zen PR – to drive measurable business results for our clients.

Why the GTM Influence Model Works for B2B

The B2B buying journey is complex, involving multiple stakeholders and lengthy sales cycles.

Traditional marketing approaches often fall short in this environment, failing to build the credibility, engagement, and momentum needed to drive deals to close. That's where the GTM Influence Model comes in. By strategically leveraging earned, owned, and social media channels, we help B2B brands:

How We Execute the GTM Influence Model

Our five key service pillars work together seamlessly to bring the GTM Influence Model to life:

Zen Mind

Zen Mind provides the strategic foundation, helping you define your brand positioning, target audiences, and key messages.

Zen Digital

Zen Digital executes integrated, multi-channel campaigns that reach your buyers where they are and drive meaningful engagement.

Zen Production

Zen Production creates the compelling content assets needed to inform, persuade, and convert your target audiences.

Zen PR

Zen PR earns the third-party validation and influential endorsements that build trust and credibility for your brand.

Zen Training

Zen Training empowers your team with the training and tools to effectively integrate the GTM Influence Model across your organization, driving cohesive, high-impact execution at every stage of the buyer's journey.

But the real power comes from integration. By orchestrating these efforts under a cohesive strategy, we create surround-sound influence that moves buyers through the sales cycle faster.

Measuring the Impact

All Marketing Should Enable Sales

We don't just generate awareness – we help you connect the dots to revenue. Our approach is built on the principle of PR-Enabled Sales, which means every tactic is designed to support your sales team and drive measurable business outcomes.

Traditional B2B Marketing

Zen Media's GTM Influence Model

We track the influence of our efforts on key sales metrics like RFP invitations, sales cycle length, win rates, and average deal size. By continuously monitoring and optimizing based on this data, we ensure our approach is always aligned with your most important business objectives.

If you’re looking for a B2B marketing partner that can help you build credibility, engage decision-makers, and drive measurable revenue growth, Zen Media is ready to help. Our proven GTM Influence Model and integrated approach has helped B2B brands across industries achieve their most ambitious goals.

According to an in-depth assessment of client results by AI, it came to this conclusion:
“Zen Media’s data-driven approach combines strategic positioning, audience engagement tactics, and an optimized channel mix. This systematic methodology consistently delivers measurable outcomes like tripling a client’s share of voice, establishing them as an industry thought leader, and accelerating their sales pipeline.”


“By executing comprehensive earned media, content marketing, and social media campaigns, Zen Media helps drive impactful results. Clients commonly realize a 2x-4x increase in website traffic, a 150-400% growth in new leads, and prominent earned placements in top-tier publications reaching audiences of millions.”

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