When you can capitalize on your brand’s key moments, you enjoy long-lasting benefits.
What do they all our clients have in common? Technology was at the heart of all of them. Here’s just a small sample of the clients we’ve helped break records, make the news and increase brand equity:


Went from consistent third-tier press coverage (pre-Zen) to first-tier within three months of signing

Cheetah Digital helps enterprise marketers connect with consumers and build lasting relationships is at the heart of everything they do

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Online Education

Increased net sales by 114% per month and online courses sales by 41% over a six-month period

The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (AAAMS) has trained physicians, registered nurses, and practitioners in the art of aesthetics and non-invasive cosmetic surgery.

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Landed more than 40 major media hits and 400,000 video views in less than 60 days — during a pandemic.

We helped OneDine gain recognition as an industry hero with top solutions for helping restaurants surmount disruption and succeed in the new normal.

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Billion Views
in Mentions
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Food & Drink

Garnered more visibility than 3 super bowl commercials — combined — while growing social media mentions by 8,000+%

We helped Dippin’ Dots turn a frosty crisis with Press Secretary Sean Spicer into social media gold.

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x 3.5
Organic Reach
x 4
Facebook Audience
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Mobile App

Increased new user acquisition to 6 million users within 6 months

We helped Cooking Fever grow its social media audience and hooked a Kardashian to help.

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CPG & Manufacturer

Increased brand authority and drove a dramatic spike in demand for supply chain solutions.

We helped Pivot seize its moment as an industry thought leader and premier partner for helping businesses worldwide defy COVID-19 disruption.

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Banking & Finance

Cultivated deep loyalty for Chase Business with countless SBOs to help improve their marketing, access to capital and expense management

We helped Chase for Business realize its dream of being the ultimate wingman for small business owners.

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OneDine, a new guest-side ordering and payment platform for restaurant operators, was a newcomer to the B2B Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) market. In a crowded industry where customer loyalty is both hard-won and hard-kept, OneDine needed to […]

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Reached millions on social media and garnered positive press in multiple publications and media outlets

We helped DFW Airport make headlines with their billionth passenger.

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Generated millions of impressions and video views, as well as press mentions in the Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo Entertainment

We honored the everyday heroes of the U.S. Navy with a little help from Wonder Woman.

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CPG & Manufacturer

Reached 500,000+ potential buyers in 30 days, resulting in 3,500+ meaningful shoppers

We created a winning campaign leveraging a triple brand partnership to drive in-store sales of luxury items at a price-conscious retail outlet.

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Proved viability for an MVP and converted 6% of the target audience in a brand new vertical

We provided COX Communications with vital market research while building excitement in the marketplace for the launch of its new app.

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Developed the ultimate playbook to help them thrive in the digital age

We helped ACBJ increase awareness and engagement amongst the next generation of business decision-makers, while fostering loyalty among its current subscribers.

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Transportation & Logistics

Transformed the brand’s public perception while using social media to generate new leads

We helped OmniTracs create high-quality content and consistent posts over a year, resulting in both elevated internal morale and external prestige.

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Created a thought-leadership platform for the CEO as an industry leader

We helped Argo transform multiple siloed initiatives into a cohesive overarching digital strategy.

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LinkedIn Followers
Thousand Reached
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Investment Banking

Garnered coverage in 20+ key media outlets, increased LinkedIn followers by 78% and boosted organic website traffic by 30%

We helped Allegiance Capital leverage their expertise and boost their online audience by tens of thousands.

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Direct Selling

Empowered the salesforce with an engaging digital curriculum and two playbooks for digital storytelling

We helped Tupperware bring direct selling into the digital age.

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Delivered a 75% uptick in sales, a 20% increase in conversions, leading to millions in revenue

We helped NixPlay dominate its industry and crush sales records.

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Turned two months of promotional digital and social ads into a year of increased landing page traffic, sign-ups and name recognition

We created a seismic shockwave of attention that NATA successfully rode throughout the entire year.

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