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Comprehensive Marketing Playbook Checklist

Want to level up your marketing strategy? Steal this checklist and use it to assess your brand from top to bottom. This checklist is broken into two sections: Audit and Execute.

Once you have a full understanding of everything you’re already doing, how your brand is positioned, and what your competitors are doing, you can create actionable strategies to execute.

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With developments in the marketing and PR industries happening every day, there seems to be new jargon popping up everywhere we look, like “Metaverse,” “share of voice,” and more acronyms than we know what to do with.
So you scored a new funding opportunity. Or maybe your company has a new CEO. Or you’ve just released the latest groundbreaking annual report for your industry. Congrats! But the response is…meh.
Getting (and holding) the attention of content creators—especially high-caliber ones—is a feat.
Ask any traditional PR firm about sales enablement, and they will balk. That’s because most PR firms have their roots in communications. We come from marketing, and that makes our approach much more sales-friendly.

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