Housing, Real Estate, and Construction

Building Trust and Driving Growth in Housing, Real Estate, and Construction

We help brands in the built environment establish credibility, engage audiences, and achieve business goals in a competitive market.

Our Expertise in the Housing, Real Estate, and Construction​ Sector

At Zen Media, we specialize in helping brands across the housing ecosystem navigate complexity and achieve their growth objectives. Our proven GTM Influence Model™ combines PR, content marketing, and social media strategies to help you:

  • Establish thought leadership and differentiate your brand.
  • Build trust and credibility with discerning audiences.
  • Engage decision-makers across digital channels.
  • Stay agile and compliant in the face of regulatory change.
  • Align with business development to drive pipeline and revenue.

Case Studies

See how we've helped leading housing, real estate, and construction brands achieve success:

Property Force: This wholesale real estate company worked with Zen Media on a marketing playbook to change industry sentiment through PR, create brand awareness through social media and SEM, and clarify their story and mission with content marketing.

John Burns Research and Consulting: This real estate research firm witnessed a threefold increase in the number of qualified leads and a doubling of traffic to their website in just four months, after implementing Zen Media Marketing Playbook.

TrueLook: This construction-site camera company saw an influx of 548 high-intent leads that came directly from the Influencer marketing relationship Zen Media brokered and managed.

Aurigo: This construction and capital planning tech company became a well-known voice in conversations around the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act through Zen Media’s strategic PR and LinkedIn services, gaining features and placements in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Newsweek, and other top-tier publications.

Our client roster also includes innovative brands like Zillow, Ervis, and more.

The GTM Influence Model in Housing, Real Estate, and Construction


  • Develop thought leadership content showcasing your expertise on industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Secure earned media coverage in trusted industry outlets and mainstream business press.
  • Leverage customer success stories, case studies, and social proof to demonstrate your impact.


  • Amplify your brand and content through targeted industry events, associations, and digital channels.
  • Engage key decision-makers with personalized content experiences that educate and persuade.
  • Build buzz and relationships through strategic partnerships and influencer activations.


  • Arm your business development team with content and insights that drive productive conversations.
  • Measure the impact of your efforts on key sales metrics like qualified leads, proposal requests, and deal velocity.
  • Optimize your approach based on data and feedback to maximize pipeline and revenue contribution.

Housing, Real Estate, and Construction Expertise

Our team brings deep experience driving growth and market leadership for brands across the housing, real estate, and construction ecosystem.

We understand the nuances of marketing and selling in these reputation-driven, heavily regulated industries. Our strategies are designed to help you build trust, simplify complexity, and adapt to change while staying compliant.

Whether you’re a real estate developer aiming to attract investors, a construction tech provider looking to gain market share, or a housing market consultancy seeking to grow your authority, we have the industry expertise and influence model to help you succeed.

Ready to build credibility and drive growth in the housing market? Contact us today to put our GTM Influence Model to work for your brand.