Stay Relevant, Folks: Your weekly marketing and PR roundup

February 12, 2021

Good PR and successful marketing strategy rely on relevance, so we’re bringing you a roundup of relevant blogs, posts and talks to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry. This week in […]

Actionable strategies to make the most of B2B sales and marketing in 2021

February 10, 2021

You probably don’t want to hear the word “unprecedented” again, do you? We’ll say it this way: times have changed, and so have sales. Here are five key takeaways from McKinsey Insights’ evaluation of successful […]

How to Build a Bulletproof LinkedIn Content Strategy

February 4, 2021

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was just that site you used if you were looking for a job. Now, companies, brands and individuals are using the platform to expand their reach, build their notoriety, […]

10 Top Content Marketing Tools

January 26, 2021

Content marketers know that their strategies and digital expertise are just one part of the puzzle. To master the art of content marketing, you have to have many tools at your disposal.  But in the […]

11 Most Common Misconceptions About Public Relations

January 21, 2021

PR, otherwise known as public relations, is a $68.3 billion dollar industry in the United States and encompasses everything from publicity to crisis management. Public relations professionals work with individuals, brands, government agencies, and corporations […]

10 Ways to Get More ROI Out of Your Earned Media for eCommerce Brands

January 20, 2021

Advertising is great, but you know what consumers really trust? Earned media. You know, earned media is that fancy term for a free press. It’s the stories publications write about a brand, the nods in […]

eCommerce Trend for 2021: An Increase In Socially Responsible Businesses

January 15, 2021

Social responsibility has been a buzzword for years, but today it’s reached a fever pitch in the eCommerce world. No longer can companies merely maintain a brand? Consumers want them to stand for something more […]

HGTV Show Self Made Mansion Premieres with CEO Shama Hyder of Zen Media

January 8, 2021

By: Shama Hyder What a way to start the new year, huh? ???? (Yes, that IS Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear Fame to my left, and my very dashing husband, Patrick Barnhill to […]

9 Key Lead Generation Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

January 4, 2021

If you’re on this page, you’re likely very familiar with SaaS companies, a.k.a. software as a service businesses. This specific industry is unique in that it delivers software solutions on a subscription basis—an in-demand service […]

How COVID-19 has changed the B2B buyer behavior

December 31, 2020

It should come as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has upended all consumer behavior. According to CNBC, forced lockdowns instantly increased online shopping, growing it by more than 31 percent between Q1 and Q2. […]


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