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How to Create and Manage a Business Blog

October 8, 2007

How to create and manage a business blog? I have been receiving this question a lot lately, so I thought I would address it here.…

Mad Hatter Brainstorming

September 30, 2007

Business often requires lots of brainstorming. You brainstorm new product ideas, marketing strategies, and potential article subjects among other things. However most business owners don’t…

How Do I Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace?

September 28, 2007

Dear Shama, I am a photographer in the DFW area and love what I do. The problem is that there are TONS of photographers in…

Why Open Door Marketing Always Fails

September 23, 2007

Open Door Marketing is a strategy that always fails, and yet it is practiced by small businesses around the world. Open Door Marketing is when…

Please Stop Reading My Blog

Yes, you read correctly. Please stop reading my blog…if that is all you are doing. Stop reading and collecting information from any blog, site, newsletter-if…

Intuition, Free Brownies, and How to WOW Your Customers

September 12, 2007

In business school they teach you that every problem should be solved in a logical and analytical fashion. All based on hard facts. Fair enough-but…

5 Steps to Doing Smart Business on eBay

September 10, 2007

The most obvious way to use eBay in your own business is to become a merchant and sell your products online. But what if you…

How to Make Your Business Card Unforgettable

September 5, 2007

People will judge a book by its cover and your business by your business card. It is your mini billboard so make sure you make…

Hitting the Three Year Mark in Business – Top 5 Rules to Follow

August 28, 2007

Only 1 out of 5 businesses survives the first the three years. The majority of these businesses go under due to poor business decisions and…

From Generic to Best Seller – 5 Steps to Changing Your Personal Brand Name (Part…

August 24, 2007

  This post is part three of a three part series on personal branding. Here are Part I, and Part II. This article shows you…


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