10 Remarkable Strategies for Content Marketing

August 15, 2016

It’s accepted wisdom these days that a blog is an important element of any solid business website. Not only does it provide benefits when it comes to SEO and social media, but it also allows […]

Medical Practice Marketing Strategies That Work: A Case Study

If you’re looking to increase your medical practice’s visibility and bring in more leads, look no further. We’ve got your step-by-step, comprehensive guide to successfully marketing your doctor’s office online right here. How do we […]

21 Common Questions About Content Marketing Answered

Next up in our “21 Common Questions Answered” series, in which we answer the top questions we commonly receive about various aspects of online marketing, is the topic of content marketing. (Check out the previous […]

21 Common Questions About Email Marketing Answered

Today’s installment in our series of answers to common online marketing questions addresses email marketing. Email marketing can seem like a deceptively simple task at first glance, but once you get into the trenches, it […]

Top 10 Ways to Use Facebook to Promote your Business for Free

It’s just a simple fact: Facebook is a pay-to-play marketing platform today. But in spite of all the griping and groaning marketers did when it first became clear that free Facebook marketing was a thing […]

21 Common Questions About Social Media Marketing Answered

August 14, 2016

Here at Zen Media, we often get questions from businesses about online marketing, and we do our utmost to answer every one. But it occurred to us recently that it might be helpful for us […]

51 Online Marketing Tactics That Get Results

Here’s the thing, you guys. Every business is different, and the internet marketing strategies that work for one company may not suit the goals of another, and vice versa. (That’s why it can be a […]

How to Market a Resort or Vacation Destination Online

The travel industry has perhaps the greatest potential to grow and market online. Sadly, most hotels and resorts treat online marketing very much like they do traditional marketing – they setup a brochure website, and […]

Social Media Optimization – 10 Important Factors for 2016

  From years of executing SEO and SEM campaigns, I am now more than ever seeing the parallels of  social media and SEO/SEM as well as how they all work together. Ten years ago, business […]

Ten Local Business Review Sites Influencing Your New Customers

Every business—restaurants, doctors, law firms, dry cleaners and other brick (click) and mortar businesses —wins and loses new customers every day before the potential customer even sets foot out the door. Their decision to do […]


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