Want Killer Marketing Videos? 5 Keys To Writing Scripts

June 2, 2017

There’s probably nothing as sleep-inducing as a boring video. Just think back on all those clunky, dry-as-dust videos you had to suffer through in school. And how about those painful orientation and training videos you […]

3 Reasons Why Video is Vital to Your Marketing Strategy

November 23, 2016

Humans are emotional, story-driven individuals that love to be emotionally stimulated. Laughter, excitement, and curiosity are all evoked from movies, commercials, short films, and even the tried-and-true cat video. It’s clear to see we all […]

5 Tips for Using YouTube Analytics to Get the Biggest Bang Out of Your Marketing Video

July 24, 2013

So you made a YouTube video as part of your online marketing strategy. And it’s perfect! It’s a well thought-out, professionally-produced piece that does everything it’s supposed to – drive traffic to your site, increase […]

Ask Shama: How Can I Make My Video Go Viral?

September 14, 2011

We know that online video can help with marketing efforts, but what’s the best way to go about it? Marketing pro Shama Kabani has answers with her Portfolio.com column. Editor’s note: The marriage of technology […]

7 Surprising Facts About Online Video…And 3 Ways You Can Profit From Them

September 12, 2008

By: Dave Kaminski photo credit: sorosh It seems every time you turn around these days, people are saying you must start using online video if you want to succeed on the web. But is it […]


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