Media Relations and Press Coverage

Earning the Credibility to Influence and Close B2B Deals

In the complex world of B2B buying, trust and credibility are everything. Your discerning buyers are bombarded with marketing messages from all sides, making it increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and establish your brand as a trusted leader. That’s where strategic media relations and press coverage come in.

At Zen Media

We specialize in earning the third-party validation and expert reputation you need to influence B2B decisions and drive action. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the B2B buyer's journey and the unique role that earned media plays in building credibility, shaping perceptions, and moving buyers from awareness to close.

Why Media Relations and Press Coverage Matter in B2B

In B2B, press coverage is more than just a vanity metric—it’s a powerful tool for influencing buying decisions and driving real business results. Here’s why:

  1. **Builds Trust and Credibility**: Third-party validation from respected media outlets establishes your brand as a credible, authoritative voice in your industry.
  2. **Reaches and Engages Key Decision Makers**: Strategic media placements put your brand and thought leaders in front of hard-to-reach B2B decision makers.
  3. **Supports Your Sales Cycle**: Earned media coverage provides powerful social proof and validation that your sales team can use to overcome objections and close deals.
  4. **Strengthens Your Digital Presence**: Media mentions and backlinks from high-authority sites boost your search rankings and online credibility.

Our Approach

Earned Influence Engineered for B2B Impact

Our team of B2B media relations experts, including former journalists and seasoned PR pros, follows a proven process to secure impactful coverage:

  1. **Discovery and Strategy Alignment**: We start by gaining a deep understanding of your brand, offerings, target buyers, and go-to-market strategy. This ensures that every media relations effort is aligned with your broader business and revenue goals.
  2. **Message and Narrative Development**: We work with you to craft compelling media narratives and thought leadership angles that will resonate with your target audiences and stand out to journalists. Every message is engineered to build your credibility and advance your buyers through their decision-making process.
  3. **Media and Influencer Targeting**: We identify and prioritize the outlets, journalists, and influencers who hold the most sway with your target buyers. Our focus is on securing coverage in the publications and channels that your audiences trust and rely on for information and insight.
  4. **Proactive Outreach and Pitch Development**: Our team leverages our deep media relationships and industry expertise to proactively pitch your stories and secure interest from top-tier journalists. Every pitch is carefully tailored to highlight the newsworthy, relevant aspects of your brand and offerings.
  5. **Interview Preparation and Spokesperson Training**: We work closely with your spokespeople to prepare them for media interviews and speaking opportunities. Our training covers everything from key message delivery to navigating tough questions to presenting with authority and credibility.
  6. **Coverage Monitoring and Reporting**: We continuously monitor for brand mentions and press coverage, providing regular reports that quantify the reach, value, and impact of your earned media. We also deliver actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your strategy over time.
  7. **Amplification and Sales Activation**: We help you maximize the value of your hard-earned media coverage by amplifying it across your owned and paid channels. We also arm your sales team with powerful press clips and third-party validation to use in their prospect conversations and collateral.

Proven Results

Credibility That Closes B2B Deals

Our B2B media relations and press coverage services have helped clients across industries influence buyers, build credibility, and drive measurable business results, including:

  • Dwolla’s 90-day PR campaign secured an outstanding 170+ pieces of coverage, and over 250 social media engagements, amplifying Dwolla’s digital footprint and positioning them as a fintech front-runner.
  • Cheetah Digital, 0-party data collection tech company, leveraged our PR efforts to secure top-tier placements in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, AdWeek, Newsweek, and Ad Age. This whirlwind of publicity led to an average of 1.35M unique visitors monthly (UVM) and an audience of over 400 million.

Ready to Earn the Credibility to Influence and Close?

In today’s B2B landscape, credibility is currency. The brands that can earn the trust and respect of their discerning buyers will be the ones that win the most valuable deals and drive sustainable growth.

That’s where Zen Media comes in. Our proven GTM Influence Model™ and earned media expertise help you build the credibility you need to engage your buyers, differentiate your brand, and drive decisions throughout the lengthy, complex B2B sales cycle.

Ready to put the power of press to work for your B2B brand? Contact us to learn how Zen Media can help you earn the media coverage and third-party validation you need to influence your buyers and close more deals.

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