This Is The Number ONE Goal For Marketing At ANY B2B Company

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What should be the ideal goal when it comes to B2B marketing? So many people don’t understand this, but I will break it down for you.

It’s actually very simple.

The ultimate goal that you are hoping to achieve if you were running any type of marketing for a B2B company is that you want to be the default choice.

That’s right.

See, in B2C a customer is trying to avoid regret.

They don’t want to buy those pair of shoes or that cell phone and the next week, look at it and say I shouldn’t have done that.

In B2B, the main driver is to avoid blame.

It’s a committee. It’s a boss.

It’s to make sure that your choice is the safe choice and so, keeping that in mind, your goal as a B2B marketer is to make sure that you are the safe choice—that you are the default choice.

Now, what’s the biggest thing that you need to understand here? See, there’s a little thing called a 95/5 rule that LinkedIn has shared.

And what this means is that, at any given time, only 5% of your market is actually looking actively to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

Only 5% of the potential market is actively looking. That’s where sales should really focus.

Now, 95% of that market is not actually in the market right now to buy, but at some point that 95 will become the 5.

That’s right.

And that’s where marketing really needs to serve.

That’s what marketing needs to influence. That 95%.

So the moment they decide they are in the market that they are looking for your product, your service that you become the default choice.

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