Case Studies

When COVID-19 put restaurants at risk of closing their doors for good and governmental guidelines begin to emerge dictating […]
Dippin’ Dots, a Kentucky-based flash-frozen ice cream company, found itself in the spotlight rather unexpectedly. In January 2017, the […]
Cooking Fever is a mobile time-management game that lets players manage and upgrade restaurants, serve customers cuisine from all […]
When COVID-19 strained global supply chains to their breaking point, generated a shortage of critical medical products, and halted […]
Chase for Business wanted to position itself as a “wingman” for small business owners (SBOs). Chase knew that the […]
OneDine, a new guest-side ordering and payment platform for restaurant operators, was a newcomer to the B2B Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) […]
DFW Airport – one of the busiest airports in the world – was nearing their billionth-customer mark. Our task? […]

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