Dippin’ Dots


Dippin’ Dots, a Kentucky-based flash-frozen ice cream company, found itself in the spotlight rather unexpectedly. In January 2017, the A.V. Club, a site run by The Onion, brought attention to several of Then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s rant-tweets against the ice-cream company over the course of five years, and the story blazed through social media like a wildfire. When the Dippin’ Dots team asked us for help in navigating the strange situation, we knew two things: we had to respond and we had to respond in a way that embodied Dippin’ Dots brand values of fun and connection.


First, we carefully crafted an “Open Letter to Sean Spicer” that projected confidence and playfulness, while extending an irresistible olive branch. We then shared that letter across social media.


The campaign went “viral” in the full sense of the word.

The simple, friendly open letter, combined with our social media follow-through, turned into a campaign that garnered over 10 million views, a potential combined total reach of 1.4 billion, and more than a dozen tier 1 media articles, not to mention dozens more in smaller publications.

Dippin’ Dots’ own Twitter analytics report showed 31.3 k tweets featuring “dippin dots” or “@dippindots” and a growth in mentions of more than 8,000%.


Billion Views


in Mentions

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