Navy Exchange


The Navy Exchange was looking to spark some holiday spirit and support families navigating separation and deployment. They wanted to tell a human story that would bring the community together, while celebrating its unique strengths and selfless sacrifices.


Taking our cue from the power of authentic connections and the extraordinary bond between parents and children, we began to brainstorm how we could tell a story that would speak to them both while evoking the playfulness, wonder and awe of the holidays.

We decided to create a video in which the Navy Exchange’s retail footprint intersected with the boundless imagination of a child, and We Believe It’s More than Just a Toy was born.

In the video, a little boy becomes attached to a Wonder Woman doll that reminds him of his deployed mom, believing that whatever he tells the doll will be heard by her. Together, his dad and a NEX employee conspire to deliver the messages he conveys to the doll to his mom overseas, including one very important wish.


In addition to millions of impressions and video views, the video caught the OG Wonder Woman’s attention and her enthusiastic re-tweet secured press mentions in the Hollywood Reporter and Yahoo Entertainment.

Warner Brothers even dispatched a Wonder Woman character to the homecoming of the aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, in Norfolk, Va.

The best part, however, was shining a spotlight on the everyday heroes of the U.S. Navy, whether a beloved toy, a devoted mom, a brave U.S. Navy officer, or the NEX employees who serve them.

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