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The challenge

For over two decades, Cheetah Digital has revolutionized customer engagement through personalized marketing experiences for B2C clients. Its groundbreaking zero-party data collection service has been a game-changer for businesses eager to build authentic relationships with their customers.

However, the technology sector’s rapidly changing landscape required Cheetah Digital to adapt swiftly. With Google beginning to phase out third-party cookies in 2021, Cheetah Digital saw an opportunity to spotlight their cutting-edge zero-party data platform that could replace the diminishing cookies while improving customer experiences.

The goal was clear—elevate brand awareness of Cheetah Digital and its superior services for B2C marketers.

The strategy

Zen Media’s PR wizards embarked on a specialized media campaign aimed at broadcasting Cheetah’s pioneering zero-party data service. The task was twofold—not only promoting the service but educating potential clients about the significance of zero-party data, its indispensable nature, and how it could supercharge their brand’s marketing approach.

Using a carefully curated blend of thought leadership articles by Cheetah Digital executives and mentions in leading publications, Zen Media put a spotlight on the importance of data privacy and enhancing customer experience, positioning Cheetah’s services as the go-to choice for marketers eager to amplify their post-pandemic marketing strategies.

Zen Media’s team prioritized a consistent narrative, defining key talking points, and messaging across all platforms and outlets. The strategic positioning of Cheetah Digital and its executives as thought leaders in the zero-party data sphere amplified the resonance with press and target audiences.

With each press hit, Zen Media’s team swiftly implemented a social media amplification strategy, bolstering the reach and impact of each publication feature.

The results

Zen Media’s strategy propelled Cheetah Digital into the spotlight, securing a staggering 26 press hits in three months. This impressive haul included first-tier publications, such as:

  • Forbes
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Harvard Business Review
  • AdWeek
  • Newsweek
  • Ad Age
  • And various others

This whirlwind of publicity led to an average of 1.35M unique visitors monthly (UVM) by the end of Q4 2021, amplifying Cheetah Digital’s brand recognition across various industries and reaching an astonishing audience of over 400 million.

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