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Cooking Fever by Nexa Mobiles, Inc.
Social Media and Influencer Marketing

The challenge

In a saturated mobile gaming market, Cooking Fever by Nexa Mobiles was already making waves. However, as the game’s objective of letting players manage worldwide cuisines and upscale restaurants reached its peak, the brand faced a conundrum. The game needed more than just visibility—it required unparalleled prominence. The objective was to scale the app downloads further and position Cooking Fever at the epicenter of the mobile gaming community.

The strategy

We created and launched a comprehensive social media strategy that featured contests and giveaways to attract attention and amplify excitement. Most importantly, we engaged fans of the game to build an enthusiastic community around Cooking Fever. To make the game stand out from the crowd, we created eye-catching custom images for its Facebook and Instagram pages.

Igniting Community Enthusiasm 

Our team crafted a bespoke social media plan that not only pushed the boundaries of creativity but also honed in on community engagement. With contests and giveaways, we stirred the pot of excitement, pulling in both loyal fans and new gamers. Leveraging the visual appeal of the game, custom, vibrant images for Facebook and Instagram profiles were designed, ensuring Cooking Fever’s distinct flair was visible amidst the multitude of mobile games.

Influencer Integration for Unparalleled Reach

Understanding the potential of influencer collaborations, we orchestrated campaigns with the likes of Khloé Kardashian and Rachel Levin. This strategy not only cast a wider net but also integrated Cooking Fever into popular culture, providing a unique edge over other restaurant-themed mobile games.

The results

Maintaining momentum and increasing the life of each press hit

Cooking Fever’s revamped strategy was a recipe for success. The game saw its organic reach soar by a remarkable 359%. Additionally, its Facebook community swelled by an impressive 397%, turning the app into a force to be reckoned with in the mobile gaming industry. Beyond just numbers, the collaboration with industry influencers ensured that Cooking Fever was on everyone’s lips, setting it miles apart from competitors.

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