How to Use Google Plus for Business Networking

Everybody knows that professional networking is a huge part of marketing, right?  Duh! That’s why LinkedIn is such a vital part of any business marketing strategy. Potential clients are attracted to businesses whose owners and employees are accessible online. That sense of transparency is practically a must. They want to feel that they know and can trust the representatives of a company before they do business with them, so they seek them out online first. The company that provides that transparency, or even better, provides thought leadership in professional circles online, will be the one that gets their business.

So it only makes sense that businesses should use every possible tool at their disposal to further their online networking efforts, right? And if using a certain networking tool also happened to help with your Google search rankings, then why the heck would anyone hesitate to use it?

Well, when things are relatively new and unfamiliar, people can be reluctant to try them out, especially where the bottom line of their business is concerned.  For that reason, there aren’t nearly as many people actively using Google Plus every day as there are using, say, Facebook. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been proven to work, and have become mainstream – an expectation in any online marketing plan. So why spend valuable time and effort reaching out on yet another platform, when it’s not already tried and true?


Because Google Plus is worth it. Despite all the naysayers it has attracted, it nonetheless provides a valuable tool for marketing your business online through networking. Hundreds of millions of users have already registered – why wouldn’t you want to tap into that population? So here’s our guide to effective networking on Google Plus.


1. Work that profile.

Don’t skimp when it comes to filing out your profile. Even if this is all you ever do on Google Plus, your presence here needs to be just as complete and professional as it is on any other social media channel you use. And don’t forget to link your profile here to all your other sites – your blog, your company website, your Twitter account – everything! That way, even if you don’t login too often, those who do find you here can easily locate you in the places where you have a more robust presence.


2. Post away!

Your posts on Google Plus appear in Google search results, so why not take full advantage by posting relevant updates on a regular basis? Start discussions, answer questions, comment on other people’s posts… The more you interact with others and build relationships, the better – just like any networking method!


3. Organize your circles.

One of the coolest things about Google Plus is the fact that you can categorize friends, family, and other connections into circles. These circles are completely separate from each other, so that you can send customized posts to each one, without also bombarding the others with irrelevant material. For example, you can send those adorable photos of your new puppy to your family, while only sharing your most recent business blog posts with potential clients.


Taking these basic steps will allow you to quickly and easily start benefitting from all that Google Plus has to offer. If you find need help implementing your social media marketing strategy, though, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We here at Zen Media would be more than happy to help you reach your online marketing goals.






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