Why Social Media Is A Massive Fail For Most Businesses

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Hey, it’s Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media. 

Did you know that social media marketing is actually a massive fail for most companies? Are you also tired of struggling to show decent ROI for your social media efforts? It’s not your fault.

The truth is that social media has drastically changed, but strategies haven’t.

Most of the time we hear the phrase “social media” and think of all the social networking platforms: Tik-Tok, LinkedIn, Facebook, Meta, etc.

However, what’s happened in the last few years is a distinct split between social and media.

This is a huge revelation. Media is where we consume content, often from strangers.

It’s based on our hobbies, interests, vocation, etc. It’s the Reddit group for cooking healthy. It’s the Discord channel for crypto. It’s The Tik-Tok scroll of funny videos.

Social is where we connect with those we already know. It’s Facebook Messenger to talk to Grandma. It’s using Slack with your colleagues and WhatsApp to keep up with your college buddies.

It means the conversations that drive business decisions aren’t happening where you can see them. They consume your content on LinkedIn, but they actually talk about it in Slack. They never even left a comment!

Can you see how marketing in this environment would require a drastically different strategy? Want to better understand how to make social and media work for your brand? 

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