How To ACTUALLY Add Value

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Let’s talk about adding value. Listen, everybody talks about how do you add value. The gurus talk about it, the books recommend it, and the general consensus seems to be you need to add more value. But there’s a couple of things I want to share with you today that might have you thinking differently about what it means to add value.

First of all, that word is really relative to your audience.

What one person considers super valuable may not be valuable to someone else at all.

So you really need to start thinking about this and put your audience at the core of it.

Now, for my three-year-old son an extra lollipop is great value. When he goes to the pediatrician and gets that extra lollipop, boy, he’s in heaven. He loves it. Now, your audience may be the CEO of mid-level Bank.

Chances are a lollipop is not as impressive to them. Okay, it might be, but you get the picture.

Value is really dependent on your audience and what they consider to be a value-add.

Now, speaking of add, I want to give you a different way to think about adding value and that is actually by subtracting.

That’s right.

Would can you reduce or remove to actually add value to the overall experience? Think about it this way when you’re sitting in your dentist’s office, don’t you wish they would find a way to reduce the time you actually have to wait to see your doctor? Chances are yes. Or when you’re on a website and you have to go through so many superfluous pages just to find that one thing that you’re looking for.

Have you ever thought, “Man, I wish they’d make it easier so I didn’t have to go through all this clutter just to find what I’m actually looking for”?

In both these cases removing or reducing friction, removing extra things would actually make the experience a lot more valuable for you. Their audience.

So, that’s how I want you to think about value.

What’s the one thing that you can reduce, that you can remove, that you can release from your process—making it easier than ever for customers to do business with you.

And that is a way to add value.


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