The Metrics That Actually Matter In Email Marketing

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When it comes to email marketing, it’s so easy to get caught up in click-through rates, open rates—and these things, I feel like a lot of times lead us to really optimizing for those numbers rather than again, what’s meaningful and effective, which so many times is playing the long game.

It’s, you know, building up that trust and it takes time, but one of those metrics that is phenomenally effective at measuring this is share of voice.

How Is your share of voice increasing as an organization compared to your competitors?

And yes, this very much requires playing the long game and getting rid of the ROI which everyone loves so much.

But think about ROI in these terms: If you went to your boss and yousaid, I’ve got you two options for you, you give me a dollar and I give you $10 back.

That’s a 10x ROI! Or you give me a million dollars and I give you two million dollars back.

I promise you, they’re picking the latter. They’re picking the million for two even though that doesn’t have nearly high of an ROI as the first scenario, right? And so it’s very important that when you put metrics in place, you look at metrics that actually are effective, that are going to move the needle and not just metrics that, maybe look good on paper or make for pretty charts, but are actually impactful to your job and the organization.


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