So, Your Trade Show Has Been Canceled, What Now?

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So your trade show’s been canceled. And perhaps you’re even having nightmares about MQLs and SQLs. Fear not, here to help. My name is Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media. We’re helping businesses and brands just like yours who are right now going through a pretty challenging time in terms of their conferences have been canceled. Perhaps the things that you very much relied on to drive your leads and drive those revenues, have been hurt.

Well, fear not, we have wonderful strategies that are working just perfectly for many of our clients where they may not even go back to those shows. So here’s your chance to pivot and try something new and still get those leads and get that revenue up.

Here’s three strategies I can share with you right off the bat. One, just because you can’t attend that event or that conference has been canceled, doesn’t mean you can’t reach that exact same audience. That’s right. If you have an email list of the attendees or sponsors, or even if you manually are able to get it, which let’s face it, there’s not a single event where we can’t manually get email addresses, we can target those through social advertising.

So when you have an email address, Facebook ads let you match it and you can target those people on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn. You can still get in front of your audience with the right message and the right hook getting you those leads that you really want.

The second strategy that we’ve deployed that we’ve seen a lot of success with has been influencer marketing. Whether you’re B2C or B2B, and we work with a lot of B2B clients, influencer marketing is one of the top ROI generating strategies of 2020 regardless of what else has happened. Because influencers already have the trust, the preference, and the ear of your audience, it’s a great chance to partner with them to get your message out there and to be the preferred vendor.

Here’s the thing that I really want you to think about. Please take this to heart. An increase in market recognition means an increase in market share. This is absolutely proven. My third strategy ties right into that. My third strategy for you is to consider PR. Do not dismiss PR as minimal or to the margins. Times like this, this can play an absolutely key role. Again, remember what I said, market recognition goes up, market share goes up.

PR is a great strategy and you don’t actually have to be live to be able to create viral campaigns. With one of our clients, we were able to create a viral campaign using an open letter from the CEO, not only to diffuse a political conflict, but to get them over a billion views. And published in articles in platforms such as Forbes, Fox, CNN. You name it, they were on there. We got them 20 media hits within 48 hours.

Now, these companies are not unlike yours. They’re just thinking differently or being more creative and pivoting those budgets and those strategies. So hope those tips have been helpful. Check out our resources and please reach out if we can be of help.

Hi there. This is Shama Hyder, again. Thank you so much for watching my videos. I super appreciate it. Please share if you find this information valuable, do comment. I love hearing from you, and be sure to subscribe. That way you don’t miss a single thing.


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