Don’t Be A Perfectionist, Be An Editor!

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Shama Hyder:

Yeah, I think the world we live in perfection is overrated. I’ve never been a perfectionist, I’ve always been grateful for that. I think progress is a much better metric. They often say perfection is the enemy of good, and I think that’s true, especially in the marketing field where it’s very much this idea of you have to constantly evolve, put things out there, edit, evolve. And so I consider myself an editor, and I think that’s a much better suited role or job title, or even lens for the world that we live in right now.

Speaker 2:

Yeah. No, absolutely. Do you think that’s kind of been one of your keys to success when it comes to helping your clients and being able to grow Marketing Zen to where it is today and everything that you’ve accomplished? Do you believe that’s one of your I guess kind of factors to getting there?

Shama Hyder:

Yeah, absolutely. I think hands down being an editor and not feeling like something has to be a hundred percent great to put it out there, right, to know that as long as you’re providing value and you’re getting better and you’re keeping up, I mean that’s I think that’s the best that one can expect for themselves. And so I think to me it’s always about providing value, right? And if it’s helping people, it’s getting things to the next level, then that’s the direction to go in.


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