Digital PR & Crisis Communication

There is no time to learn how to execute a crisis communication plan in the midst of an emergency. A crisis scenario can arise unexpectedly with even the best organizations, no matter how large or small. The unfortunate truth is that these rapidly developing situations can have long-term negative effects on your organization’s reputation, morale, and bottom line. Zen Media’s crisis communications professionals stand ready to provide your organization with the two essential skills required for dealing with a crisis: planning and action.

Our agency will help you develop a team to manage communications in time of crisis, develop the processes for the creation of these communications, train your organization’s spokesperson, identify common situations that trigger crisis communications, and help you develop a contingency playbook to be used in the event that the unfortunate or unavoidable occurs.

And if the worst does come to pass, Zen Media will be right there beside you to offer counsel on how to best communicate the right information, at the right time, and through the right channels to your employees, stakeholders, customers, and the media.  We’ll be there to help you respond in such a manner as to limit damages and mitigate risks associated with the situation. After we have helped you successfully navigate these waters, we will conduct an after-action review to determine lessons learned and how to avoid a repeat of the events that lead to the crisis situation.

Zen Media Crisis Communications: When ‘No Comment’ isn’t an option

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