7 Helpful Stats You Can Gather With Twitter’s New Analytics Tool

New Twitter analytics tool offers helpful metrics for brands and businesses.

There is no doubt that Twitter is a major part of a business’s social media marketing strategy. For instance, according to statistics from the website, 35% of consumers that follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to purchase from that brand. Twitter users are also 47% more likely to visit a company’s website and 35% more likely to retweet content from a brand that they follow on Twitter.

However, despite how influential Twitter can be in your overall digital marketing strategy, it has always been very difficult for businesses to get specific statistics and figures about the impact that their tweets have on their followers… until now.

Twitter has recently rolled out a new analytics tool that will help both small and large businesses track their Twitter engagement and marketing activities across the platform. With this new service, brands will be able to see helpful metrics such as how many times their tweet has been favorited or retweeted, how many people replied to a specific tweet, and even which type of content is most popular with their followers.

How To Access Twitter Analytics

The Twitter analytics tool can be found by going to Ads.Twitter.com and logging in with the username of the profile you are looking to gain information about. Once you have logged in to the site, look for the Analytics tab near the top of the page, then pull down to choose “Timeline Activity.” You can even download all of your Twitter Analytics data as a CSV file, so you can save all of this helpful information and have access to it any time.

What You Can Access With Twitter Analytics

The information collected by this new Twitter Analytics platform has been available to businesses using ads for some time. However, for smaller businesses and social media marketers, having this information available to you is very helpful in your overall marketing campaign, all without having to use a third-party tool to access it.

Here are 7 metrics that Twitter Analytics can provide your brand:

1. Target different keywords in your timeline by interest, geography and more. This will help you get a close-up look at your target audience among the 200 million other active users on Twitter.

2. Connect your company website to Twitter Analytics in order to access real-time information about traffic from Twitter to your personal domains. Through the Analytics dashboard, you are also able to look at all tweets that contain your website, regardless of the location or device where the tweet was displayed.

3. Use additional targeted options to see which devices your followers are accessing your information from, mobile or desktop.

4. Measure your success by tracking how many followers you get each week and how often your followers interact with your account daily.

5. Track conversions by seeing how many users sign up for your services or buy your products.

6. See fundamental metrics for your campaign, such as impressions, number of clicks and click rate, for as they happen in real-time.

7. Keep track of the growth of your follower base through the Follower Growth Chart. You can see which followers your company has gained on their own and those that you have gained through promoted accounts.

Will your company be using the new Twitter Analytics tool to track the impact of your Twitter marketing strategy? Which metrics are you most excited about tracking? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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