Digital Marketing and PR That Drives Business Outcomes for Technology Companies

To reach the highest levels of momentum for your technology brand, you must create compelling moments. You just can’t react to what’s already out there. This is where traditional public relations and marketing falls short. It relies on pitching ideas based on what’s already been covered. So you’re stuck trying to spin something new from old concepts. Plus, as a tech brand you want to be the trendsetter – not a follower.

With our Moment-Based Momentum™ methodology, you create new conversations that the media can’t ignore. You turn what typically is just an internal memo or Facebook post into something unique that’s worth sharing — and then you amplify it. This results in large audiences learning about your technology company. So you’re not just seen in a few random places, you’re seen everywhere in your marketplace. You see, we work backwards from your desired business outcome to create a story that the media can’t resist. Then we use a mix of marketing, public relations and social media strategies to amplify your message, expand your reach and grow awareness about your brand.

The foundation for this method is something we call SAM.

Here’s SAM…


The secret to driving business results with your moment is your story. We take the genius of your moment and — through the power of digital storytelling — craft your narrative in a way that gets your audience talking. As a result, your prospects remember you, your clients rave about you, your industry celebrates you, and your competitors seek to emulate you.


Once we establish your story, we amplify it via digital PR, influencer marketing, content marketing, videos, experiential events and more. This further builds, expands and strengthens relationships. Basically, this is the moment of “virality” where you become the industry darling and begin hearing from people who say, “You guys are everywhere right now!”


When you measure the impact your marketing has on your brand — both quantitatively (i.e., numbers) and qualitatively (i.e., sentiment) — you know where to make improvements. You see what’s working and where to double down to get the biggest benefits from your efforts. By eliminating guesswork, you also accelerate your momentum in a way that becomes highly targeted and, most importantly, profitable.

Traditional PR

  • Fixates on press hits
  • Responds to what’s already in the media
  • Relies on pitching to get attention
  • Regurgitated brand messaging
  • Hopes for virality [spray and pray]
  • Makes a short-term impact
  • Relinquishes control of the story
  • Focuses on traditional journalists
  • Struggles to show ROI
  • Divorced from the sales process
  • Only considers customers


Moment-Based Momentum™

  • Focuses on business outcomes
  • Starts industry movements
  • Creates stories that grab media interest
  • Sharpens and amplifies brand messaging
  • Engineers virality
  • Has a lasting (and memorable) impact while building brand equity
  • Drives the story
  • Knows social media means people ARE the media
  • Measures quantitative and qualitative results
  • Integrated into the sales pipeline
  • Focuses on all shareholders – customers, employees, media, and investors

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