3 Ways To Stand Out In ANY Industry

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Here’s three ways you can stand out in any industry.

First, realize that someone doesn’t have to do business with you to be your Champion. That’s right.

What you are hoping for is individuals who will Champion your business Champion, your brand.

And here’s an example of this, a few months ago.

A gal came to me and she had a question about marketing.Something completely, unrelated to what we do as a media, what I do on a day-to-day basis, but I thought I might have an answer for her, so I got on the phone. was introduced by another friend. I was able to help her solve her problem at the end of the call.

She said, what can I do for you? This has been so helpful and I was honest with her.

I said, listen, I don’t really need anything, but I super appreciate you asking.

And I’m glad I’m glad that I was just able to help you out, but she said, no, please tell me what’s your ideal client type? At least so I can keep in mind. In case I run into anyone. That might be a fit.

And I told I said, look, we work with a lot of B2B companies, lot of tech-driven, B2B companies, Marketing PR, that sort of our Jam.

So she said, great.

And honestly, I never expected to hear from her again.

Not that, it’s a bad thing.

It just know how busy life can get well, lo and behold.

A couple months later, I get an email from her introducing me to another gentleman, who she’s on the board of, with some nonprofit or the other, but guess what? He fit, our client profile to a tee.

So she mean that introduction, I never asked for it.

It’s simply was a matter of helping her out with some Think different.

And so this is something I want you to realize that every individual that you come across just by virtue of being who you are helping people out living your values and hopefully you hold yourself to a high bar.

If you’re watching this, I’m assuming you do.

That person has the potential of being a champion for your business.

So don’t underestimate the power of just connecting with individuals and putting good out in the world because inevitably it will come back to you.

The second way to really stand out in your industry is to be different. That’s right.

Think about how everyone else in your industry approaches something and then take a completely different approach to that.

Look, Elon Musk is a master at this, whether he’s launching one of his Tesla’s into space or talking about buying Twitter or whatever it is, he’s constantly doing things differently than his competitors.

And guess what? It’spaid off in speeds for him and this Happened at every level.

For example, the realtor that we work with every Thanksgiving delivers pies to the house. That’s right.

Freshly made pies, we get to choose between apple and pumpkin and he delivers them to all his clients.

Now, not only does that put a smile on our faces but it really differentiates him from everybody else in the industry who really, you know, often does Christmas cards or they’ll do your like your usual holiday greeting whatever it may be, but they get mixed into everybody else.

Now he stands out because he chooses a different holiday one, that’s still pretty celebrated, at least in the US and he knows that his clients tend to be, you know, celebrate that they tend to be in their homes with their families.

So a pie is an excellent idea and he hands, delivered this them for that kind of Final Touch.

So being different in whatever that you’re doing, can really make a huge difference.

The Third Way where you can stand Out in your industry, is to show up and show up again and keep showing up.

Listen, repetition drives Revenue, the more you show up, the more someone is exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to trust it.

The more likely they are to do business with you.

So there’s no shortcut here there you just really have to constantly be out there and you can just look at history.

Listen, if someone you didn’t know called you up or someone just random wanted to do lunch with you, you might just say I No if you’re busy but if someone famous called you and asked you to do lunch or hang out, chances, are you drop whatever you were doing to be able to go Hang out with that person.And that’s because Fame is a huge indicator of who we trust, who we want to do business with, it’s just the way humans are programmed.

So, whatever industry you’re in, if you really want to stand out, realize that every single person out there can be a champion of your brand, even if they don’t do business with you find ways to be, Be different stand out.

If everybody is zigging you want to zag do something different and then third show up, keep showing up repetition, really drives revenue and these three things will help you stand out in your industry, no matter which industry.


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