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How an integrated marketing campaign helped this ID company redirect customers and capture demand

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Specialist ID
Paid Ads, Social Media, Web Design, Content Marketing

The challenge

Specialist ID has been selling ID badges and other personnel accessories to Fortune 500 companies, federal and state agencies, universities, and other organizations since 2001. Like most eCommerce companies, SPID was selling through Amazon as well as its own website. 

As Amazon’s clout grew and margins thinned, the company recognized the urgency to pivot—it was time to lessen its dependence on the retail giant and steer customers directly to their own digital doorstep.

The strategy

Our approach included a comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) social ad campaign designed to bring purchasers directly to Specialist ID’s website.

We also developed a content strategy that included SEO-focused blogging to help Specialist ID’s website rise in the search engine results page (SERP) rankings, further increasing website traffic. As well as an organic social media campaign to build brand awareness. 

And, of course, we upgraded the company’s website so all of the new visitors could easily locate and purchase products. Our website upgrade was more than just an aesthetic enhancement; our user experience (UX) experts created an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Every click and every interaction was orchestrated to guide the user effortlessly from curiosity to purchase.

The results

Zen executed an integrated marketing campaign that helped Specialist ID cut Amazon sales dramatically and move those sales to the company’s website, resulting in larger margins and higher net profits. 

The outcome? 

A staggering 100% increase in year-over-year sales, a 125% surge in new users, and a remarkable 101% boost in page views.

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