Dwolla Case Study by Zen Media

How a 90-day campaign helped this modern payments platform garner media attention with over 170 pieces of coverage

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Digital PR

The challenge

Born out of frustration with traditional money transfers in 2008, Dwolla—the flexible, easy-to-use modern payments platform—was driven to simplify the complexity of moving money and wanted to unleash the true potential of financial systems.

With payment technology designed to offer a tailored experience for innovative companies to collect and send payments, Dwolla’s mission was to make account-to-account payments easy, quick, and secure in the 21st century. Unfortunately, getting people to notice they were missing Dwolla’s value add would be challenging to overcome.

We created a plan to increase brand and product awareness, helping Dwolla generate demand for their product—and capture it. 

The strategy

To help Dwolla build brand awareness and credibility, our team of PR experts curated an impressive 90-day full media coverage strategy that successfully introduced Dwolla’s brand and story to various media outlets. We focused on developing:

  • Future announcements
  • Proactive podcast pitching
  • Executive downloads
  • An emphasis on Dwolla’s extensive knowledge of the financial space
  • Social media amplification

By identifying key speaking opportunities and positioning Dwolla’s thought leaders as noteworthy figures in the fintech industry, we successfully showcased their leadership and expertise.

Positioning Dwolla as a “payments giant” increased the number of company mentions in tech media outlets, ultimately bolstering visibility and brand reach.

The unwavering confidence in our full media coverage strategy allowed us to ensure brand recognition was continuously on the rise, delivering exceptional results and exceeding all expectations.

The results

Our strategy didn’t just meet expectations; it redefined them. In just 90 days, our orchestrated media storm:

  • Targeted over 100 media outlets, emphasizing Dwolla’s versatility.
  • Secured an outstanding 170+ pieces of coverage, underscoring the platform’s innovative approach.
  • Garnered over 250 social media engagements, amplifying Dwolla’s digital footprint.

The campaign not only heightened brand and product awareness but also positioned Dwolla as a frontrunner in the financial technology industry. 

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