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Brim Financial

The challenge

Brim Financial, a credit-card infrastructure and open loyalty ecosystem, created a groundbreaking new B2B2C Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in the financial space. The technology brings cardholders and merchants together through one integrated application. After the launch of its product, leadership wanted to increase brand visibility and roll out the company’s new digital platform in the global marketplace.

The strategy

Our PR team created a 60-day digital PR campaign to increase awareness of Brim’s new PaaS platform in the financial sector.

We took a comprehensive approach when targeting top-tier outlets and positioned the company as the superior choice when it came to turnkey, digital-first credit card solutions. The key was to highlight how Brim Financial challenges and transforms the larger landscape of financial tech by providing a seamless, integrated solution that improves the customer experience and the company experience simultaneously. It was important to educate both fintech companies and consumers alike about the product and its differentiators in an already competitive marketplace.

One of the focuses of our campaign was shining a light on the company’s founder, Rasha Katabi. With over two decades of experience in structured finance, she has paved the way for more women to dominate the sector. Shining a light on her unparalleled knowledge and inspiration both highlighted the company’s credibility and authority and gave the brand an important differentiator as a female-run company in a historically male-dominated field.

The results

At the end of the 60-day campaign, our team secured:

  • 210 press hits
  • Interest from top-tier outlets like the Associated Press, Forbes, and Yahoo! Finance.
  • We also promoted Brim Financial to B2B-focused publications both in the United States and Canada. This increased global brand recognition and sparked high levels of interest in the company’s PaaS technology from both businesses and consumers. The resulting reach of our campaign was more than 370 million. 

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