TrueLook Case Study
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Influencer Marketing

The challenge

TrueLook, a niche B2B company specializing in job site surveillance, wanted to amplify brand awareness and ensure a successful product launch for their new commercial camera specifically designed for construction sites. Their target audience was extremely niche—consisting of construction site managers, project managers, and anyone with a responsibility to protect construction job sites from security and risk issues.

The strategy

To achieve these goals, Zen Media took what some might see as an unexpected approach—influencer marketing. Zen Media developed a highly targeted B2B influencer marketing campaign. Over 80+ influencers were reviewed; 38 were approved for outreach, and eventually, 3 influencers were chosen for the campaign. Channels consisted of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

The client’s key focus was growing their company’s Instagram account. With this in mind, one of our influencers was heavily focused on Instagram, with 149k engaged Instagram followers.

We also wanted a strong presence on YouTube. While not typically considered a key social media marketing platform, Youtube is incredibly valuable for influencer marketing—especially for B2Bs—because it provides unprecedented staying power. Because YouTube doesn’t use the same feed-based algorithm that most social platforms adhere to, videos can continue to gain views and engagement long after the initial posting date. We found a YouTube influencer in the construction niche with 23.8k YouTube followers—and our influencer gained 8.9k followers over the course of the campaign, illustrating the strength and relevance of the partnership for both parties.

Lastly, we chose an influencer that had a strong presence across all of the main social media platforms:

Total following: 215, 219K

  • Instagram: 145K
  • LinkedIn: 34,380K
  • TikTok: 21,600K
  • Facebook: 14,239K

The results

Throughout the campaign, TrueLook saw impressive results, including 548 high-intent leads directly via the product demo request page. The account garnered over half a million impressions and over 2,446 points of engagement—proving that influencer marketing can be a successful strategy no matter how niche the industry is.

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Gained 548 high-intent leads directly via the product demo request page and garnered over half a million impressions and […]
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