Top 10 Hottest Gifts to Give Clients, Associates, and Colleagues



By: Shama Hyder

It’s almost Christmas time, and the holiday spirit is high here at After The Launch. It is also time to shop for presents! If there is anything tougher than shopping for family, it’s shopping for your business associates! It’s tough finding just the right present. Need proof? One of the most searched keywords on Google right now is “gift ideas & boss.” Show your clients and colleagues how much you appreciate them by sending them a thoughtful present during the holidays. Not sure what to give them? Read on!

1. Books They will Enjoy– This is a classic gift that is appreciated by most. Check out their current bookshelf to see what they love, or just ask them which was their last best read. Then get on Amazon, and see what the buyers of that book also enjoyed reading. Don’t forget to sign the inside of the book jacket. Too many people on your list to follow this method? Choose one favorite (industry related) book of the season and send to all. Just post your business card on the back flap with a warm wishes greeting.

2. A Magazine Subscription- Get them an industry specific magazine subscription. Ideally it should be a magazine that can benefit their business, and one they aren’t familiar with. For example, I had heard of Inc. magazine, but never really knew that their content could be useful for After The Launch. A good friend presented me with a subscription when we first launched the company. Every month the issue arrived, I thought warmly of him. This is really a gift that keeps on giving!

3. Amazon Gift-Certificates– Okay…gift certificates in general may not always convey the thought you put into a present, but most business people do appreciate gift certificates from Amazon. They have a long shelf-life, and there is such a huge variety of things you can purchase. (This is personally my favorite gift because I can use it on whatever I need at the moment.)

4. An Online Office- Could they use an online organization system with 24/7 tech support? How about a free press release distribution service built in? Free accounting software? For $199.00 dollars, you can give them a virtual online office for a year. Check out

5. Time- Yes, you can give them the gift of time. Buy them a few retained hours from a virtual assistant. They can use them as they like and will be thinking of you as they spend the extra time with their family!

6. Kindle- Want to give them a high-tech toy? Kindle, the newest portable book reader, will keep them thinking of you all year long.

7. Local Flavor- Send them something local to you, but exotic to them. Here in Texas, we are big on BBQ sauces of all sorts. Kansas is known for its steaks, and there are some chocolates you can only buy in California.

8. Give to Charity– Give to charity in their name, and let them know. This is a great gift for someone who has it all, and enjoys giving back. My favorite charity of the season? Oxfam America Unwrapped. You can gift a sheep on your client’s behalf!

9. A One-Cup Coffee Maker- This is perfect for those caffeine lovers. One-cup coffee makers take up minimal space (can be kept on a desk), and comes in various colors.

10. Engraved Office Supplies- Put a twist on a traditional gift by having it engraved with a short message and their name. (Don’t put your company name on it, no matter how tempting).

Happy Holidays…and Happy Shopping!



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