The Top 10 Business News Platforms for C-Level Executives



These days, reputable news sites can be hard to differentiate from—well, let’s just say less reputable ones. 

And when it comes to business news, there’s no shortage of platforms purporting to give you the latest and greatest updates on everything from business technology to innovation, leadership, marketing, and more. 

Just as you wouldn’t want to get your knowledge of current events from The National Enquirer, you really don’t want to get your business news from a website that writes only what advertisers want them to, or that won’t publish anything that deviates from one single worldview. 

A great business news site, on the other hand, is one that publishes a variety of viewpoints from a diverse range of voices, that features unbiased coverage of the latest news, and offers succinct, knowledgeable commentary on how current events are affecting businesses and brands. 

So without further ado, here are the top 10 business news platforms that you should be following. 

1. Forbes

Forbes was a print magazine long before it was a website. In fact, it was founded more than a hundred years ago, in 1917, and was the nation’s only major business magazine until the 1930s. 

Today, Forbes magazine is complemented by the Forbes website, which publishes hundreds of pieces of content per day by thousands of contributors—including our fearless leader, Shama Hyder

Forbes is an ideal outlet for reading solid opinion pieces from the country’s top leaders, news on branding and marketing, and nuanced takes on current events. 

The outlet is also a good source for breaking news at times, although it’s stayed true to its roots as a biweekly magazine—where Forbes really excels is in its long-form content. 

2. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an excellent source for breaking news from both the U.S. and international markets, as well as shorter, easy-to-digest articles and videos. 

3. Digital Trends

For tech news, product launches, and stories about the people and companies at the forefront of innovation, Digital Trends is the site to visit. 

The platform offers everything from buying guides, to product reviews, to in-depth interviews with CEOs, to features on the intersection of tech and culture. If you’re in the tech industry or work closely with the tech industry, you can’t afford to overlook Digital Trends. 

4. Business Insider

Business Insider, despite its name, offers not only business news, but a massive amount of coverage on daily news and current events. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic the platform has been posting regular interviews with epidemiologists, models tracking the spread of the virus and deaths related to it, and how it’s affecting the economics of various industries. 

5. Inc.

Another platform that has a long history as a print magazine, Inc. focuses on stories of CEOs and startups, current events, and leadership. Inc also has a robust network of business leaders who contribute to the online platform on an ongoing basis, covering topics like marketing, leadership, innovation, and technology. 

6. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is, naturally, aimed at entrepreneurs, founders, and startup staff. This is the place to go whether you’re a newbie to the field—you’ll find takes on the hustle, raising your first Series A, and starting a side business—or a seasoned serial entrepreneur, as you can also rely on nuanced commentary and advice from leaders in your field. 

7. The New York Times

This venerable news outlet needs no introduction, but to avoid getting sidetracked by the thousands of articles on breaking news, current events, arts and culture, etc., we recommend bookmarking the business section. It’s especially good for coverage on the business of media. 

8. The Wall Street Journal

Like the Times, the Journal is a giant in the world of news publications. You’ll find everything you could possibly need to know about finance, stocks, and every other aspect of business, though you’ll need a subscription to access it. 

9. Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community’s 10,000 expert contributors are the primary draw of this frequently-updated news site. It’s a great platform for informative opinion pieces, stories from the business trenches, and quick takes on current events. 

10. Techcrunch

If you’re in the tech world in any capacity, Techcrunch needs to be one of your frequently-visited sites. With a focus on startups, venture capital, and fundraising, TechCrunch offers news and commentary on everything from IPOs to acquisitions to the latest tech developments by the most cutting edge startups across the globe. 


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