Shama TV: Make Your Facebook Feed Work for You



Well, it’s Monday again, and that means it’s time for another episode of Shama TV! This week Shama gives you five ways to make your Facebook feed better, so you can lose all those updates you don’t want and get more of what you do. (Scroll down for a full transcript.)


Hey Zen Nation, Shama here! Are you frustrated with Facebook? Help is here! Today, I have five ways to optimize your Facebook feed to see more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

The biggest complaint I hear about Facebook is this: “Help! my feed sucks! I never see posts from my closest friends but I often see things I have no interest in.” So, how do you fix it? Well, first you have to understand how Facebook works. It uses a complex algorithm to determine what to show you on your news feed when you log in. And it makes the determination with the things you tell it. So here are 5 things you can tell Facebook of what you want to see more off.

Number 1. It’s all about engagement! So engage with the things you want to see more off. Don’t click Like or Share for the things that you aren’t interested in. Facebook will learn to pick up the cues. Also write and share things that you would like to see in your own feed. For example, if you are interested in more pictures about food, or landscape, or business, make sure that you’re sharing those types of things as well and Facebook will pull from that to show you that in your feed.

The second secret to having a great Facebook feed is organizing. Make sure that you put your friends in various lists. You can create close friends, acquaintances – Facebook will show you things accordingly. Also a little secret, if you really want to see something from someone every time they post, you can go on to their Facebook profile and you can select a button that says “Always See First.” This tells Facebook that you always want to see that person before anyone else in your feed.

Number three, teach Facebook! Make sure you like, comment and share the things that actually interest you and be sure to hide things that you don’t want to see. Each post has a “I don’t want to see this item” in the drop-down on the right side of each post, which is how you hide things from your feed. Use this often and you’ll see less of what you don’t like, whether that be selfies, memes, or the 100th picture of your friends’ kids. Unfollow people who are too noisy, even your real-life friends and family. If you put them in lists you can still see all their things by clicking on the list, but your main feed will get dramatically better.

Number four, help Facebook help you. Most content does not get to you. If you want to see more from specific people or groups, visit their profiles at least once a week and engage with their content. Your main feed only shows you the most popular stuff from them. You are only seeing a fraction of your friends’ posts. Visit your best friends’ profiles more often and you’ll see more of them organically. Engage in your own comments as well as those of others. This sounds basic, but it can be the easiest thing to overlook. If you don’t engage in the right content, you won’t be shown the right content. How else will Facebook know what to show you if you don’t tell it what you like?

Number five, how to see more content from the pages you’ve liked? There are lots of  companies or pages you might have liked on Facebook and you wonder “why do I never see anything from them?” Well, Facebook sort of has a secret menu on the left. If you click on “Pages Feed Only,” you can actually see the content from all appearances you like to older pieces of history that have never shown up in your Facebook feed now. How do you see more of their content? Exactly the same way! Start engaging with it more, click on that more! You might be surprised at what you missed out on.

I hope you found these Facebook tips helpful. If you have questions, leave them in the comments. That’s it for today! See you next Monday and until then remember to market like a Zen Master.


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