SEO: Myth or Fact?




Transcription of “SEO: Myths or Fact?”

Shama: All right, Idan. SEO myth busting time. I’m going to tell you something I hear a lot from people and you tell me if it’s myth or fact and then correct me. Ok.

You can guarantee me a top ranking. Myth or fact?

Idan: Me personally? Nobody.

Shama: Anybody.

Idan: Nobody can guarantee you an actual ranking within Google organic results.

Shama: Why? I was told this by these guys that emailed me from India. I was told that.

The thing is that Google actually has their guidelines and it says that nobody can actually guarantee you, so you got to rely on that, plus it’s a free space to compete in. It’s really important to follow the rules in order to get top rankings.

Shama: Google tells us pretty much that no, no one can guarantee you a ranking because guess what, we are boss, we decide at the end of the day, and no one apparently can influence their decisions, right? You can play through their algorithm, but you can’t guarantee that.

Idan: Right. If people were to find guaranteed spots on Google, they would run out of business, because if one person can then another person can do it.

Shama: We should hire those people.

Idan: Exactly. Where are they?

Shama: Myth or fact? It’s best to use a handful of keywords and optimize for them.

Idan: I always suggest.

Shama: Tell me if it’s myth or fact.

Idan: I will tell you that I always suggest not to put all your eggs into one basket.

Shama: It’s a myth, you shouldn’t hang onto a few keywords.

Idan: Ok, you shouldn’t hang onto.

Shama: I’m big on this, all right.

Idan: If you want to run after that million dollar keyword.

Shama: That illusive keyword.

Idan: It might take you some years to do it. If you do the right things, you will accomplish your goals. Does that mean you should do it? That’s up to you. There are many other ways to optimize a Website.

Shama: Another common question I get, SEO can be done in thirty days or less or your money back.

Oh my gosh. That is just an annoying question.

Shama: It’s an annoying myth.

It’s an annoying myth. You can’t do that. You cannot achieve, just like you can’t go from 0-200 instantly.

Shama: It depends on what you’re driving.

You have to put the right strategy in place.

Shama: Right.

Idan: You have to optimize the website. You have to do a keyword research to define the target audience. You cannot do that within 30 thirty days.

Shama: I know the other thing that you are a big fan of, I’m just going along with the same question, is that you always say, you have to look at how a website behaves in the search engines and then change things. Sort of this dance that you do back and forth with the search engines. Why is that important? Why is it important to see how search engines react to websites and make changes?

Idan: Because you can’t hit it in one shot, OK. It’s an ongoing work that you optimize the pages. Google really loves fresh new information, so even if you hit that target and you are in position nine, there is more you can do to get that position one.

Shama: Wonderful and then to stay in that position one.

Idan: Maintenance is important. Competitors always want that number one spot.

Shama: They’re right there. We’re right behind you.

Idan: You might compete for that one and two and three, but you have to be consistent, you have to maintain your website, you have to do everything possible from fixing your code to speed, to optimize different pages on your website that are relevant to what you are trying to accomplish and just keep your website fresh.


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