Overhaul Your Email Marketing Campaign This Fall

Tips for bringing a fresh new look to email marketing during autumn.

Fall is often thought of as a season for change. Each September, kids across the country head back to school for a fresh new year, while adults celebrate the change in the season with a new wardrobe, a new job or even a new set of goals for the rest of the year. However, we as individuals are not the only ones who make important seasonal changes each September. Fall is also one of the most popular times of the year that businesses overhaul their own brands and marketing efforts.

One particular area of marketing that company’s should edit and refresh often is their email marketing campaign. Your readers may be getting bored of seeing your content or business updates in the same boring template week after week. However, by freshening up your email campaign this fall, you are not only creating a buzz around any seasonal promotions that you may have, but you are also able to test out new marketing elements that you may have always wanted to try.

Launching a fun seasonal campaign can also help to add value to a stale marketing campaign that may be repeating the same information each week. By giving your content a fresh look and feel based on what is current in the season, you are expanding your brand’s personality and getting readers interested back in your products and services.

To help you bring a fresh new look to your email marking campaign this fall, we have put together some quick tips and resources for switching up your company emails and getting customers excited about your seasonal product offerings.

Include Helpful Seasonal Tips

You can easily add a new spin onto an old marketing campaign or promotional blog post simply by putting a seasonal spin on it. For instance, if your company sells exercise equipment, talk about how your readers can easily incorporate your products into their fall workout routines. You could also write about seasonal tips or projects that tie into your products or services.

Offer Readers A Way To Share Content

If you do not already offer a way for your readers to share your email and content on social networks, you should make that a priority this fall. Adding share buttons to popular social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, is a quick and easy change to your email template, and is one of the best ways for your readers to pass along information to possible future clients.

Promote Holiday Specials

One way to celebrate the change in the season is to hold a special seasonal promotion for one of the fall holidays. Luckily, with important days such as Halloween, Election Day and Thanksgiving coming up, there is no shortage of opportunities for a unique promotion or sale. For instance, for Election Day, you could have your readers vote on which of your products or services is their favorite. Or for Thanksgiving, you could run a big Black Friday promotion to increase sales of one of your popular products.

Do you have any other tips for rehauling your corporate email marketing campaign this fall? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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