MZ Weekly News Round-Up: News from Google, Twitter and Apple




This week, Bing announced that they’ve implemented certain filters to target a spam technique called URL keyword stuffing. Used to manipulate search engines, URL keywords give pages that employ this tactic higher page rankings than they actually deserve. Although Bing did not release any specific details regarding the new filters, they did provide the public with signals to help detect keyword stuffing. If you’re searching the web, be sure to check out the Host/domain/path keyword co-occurance, the page quality and popularity signals, and the percentage of the site cluster comprised of top frequency host/domain name keywords. Bing’s update has only impacted about 3 per cent of users. This has resulted in over a 75 percent reduction in traffic to these sites from Bing.

On Wednesday, Google Analytics announced that it will be rolling out new benchmark reports that will let users compare their search results to industry standards. The report states that that users can sift through data among 1,600 industries, 1,250 markets, and 7 size buckets.

Accompanying the benchmark reports, a heat map feature also helps to identity places that more time and/or resources could be applied in order to yield better results. The company’s CMO, Ross Twiddy, admitted that Google Analytics was “missing a huge opportunity in email marketing” prior to adding these reports. According to Twiddy, Google Analytics’s email marketing average open rate reached 48 percent along with a 40 percent click through rate when implementing the new benchmark reports. Check the “Audience” section of the reporting interface to access these reports, and be sure to check the “Share anonymously with Google and others.”

Social Media:

Wednesday, Twitter announced it will hold a conference for mobile developers. This announcement marks the first time that Twitter will hold this type of event, which will happen on October 22 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The fee for the conference is $140, and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will start the conference with a speech, followed by technical sessions.


This week, Google introduced a new voice call feature its Hangouts app. Although Hangouts already enables users to send quick messages and participate in video chats, this voice call capability signals a return to the traditional. Users can make phone calls for free in the United States and in Canada in the app, making it great for keeping in touch long distance. It offers low international rates, too.

All you need to set up the new feature is download the newest version of the app.

In one of the most anticipated events of this year, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, and the Apple Watch on Tuesday. On top of all of this, Apple also introduced a new mobile banking system. The new iPhone 6 is even thinner and larger than the iPhone 5. It also has an aluminum body with curves around the sizes. While the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus features a 5.5 inch screen. Another difference between the two models, the iPhone 6 has a million pixel screen while the iPhone 6 Plus has a two million pixel screen. Pre-orders begin September 12, and all orders start on September 19.



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