MZ Weekly News Round-Up: CMO Edition

Today we bring you our first CMO Roundup with news for and about CMO’s worldwide. We were inspired last week, when Ad Age held its CMO Strategy Summit. Bringing together senior marketers from across the country, this conference, and the discussions that happened at it, revealed a lot of things about the industry as it now stands.

Female CMO’s:

According to only 19% of all CMOs are women. However, the 19% have surely left their mark and deserve to be recognized as outstanding talent.

Beth Comstock, CMO of GE said:


Taking this to heart, female CMO’s are getting recognized for their talents, passion and drive as well as their experiences.

Laura Dunn interviewed CMO Donna Josephson for her series “Women in Business” this week. When asked what her advice for women in marketing, Mrs. Josephson said: “Not one marketing idea or program will ever survive without cross-functional support.” Recognizing the need for multiple departments, roles and support elements and even outsourcing projects to agencies and help.

She isn’t the only female CMO that made headlines this week. In an unprecedented move, the NFL appointed Dawn Hudson as the new CMO for the National Football League. Ms. Hudson is thrilled and stated: “I am excited to join the NFL where I will be able to combine two of my passions — sports and marketing,”

While passion and support are vital to the success of a CMO, they also have to harness data in order to produce content that their audience actually wants. Any worthwhile company collects a ton of first-party information on its consumers’ behavior. These figures are critical. By paying attention to customer data, marketers can create new products based upon what buyers are demanding.

After all, information places the marketer in charge of trends, which is a place that everyone wants to be. Also, in PR crises, act quickly. Transparent responses allow your brand to control the conversation. Fast reactions let your company escape from muddled situations with its marketing message reiterated and its name unscathed.


The CMO Club is holding its Innovation and Inspiration Fall Summit on October 1st through the 2nd in Beverley Hills, CA. Much like Ad Age’s conference, this summit will collect senior marketing leaders from across the country and will represent brands like the Recording Academy, which is in charge of the Grammy Awards. Registration is still open!

Marketing Tip:

A survey conducted by Search Engine Land released its results on Tuesday. The survey, which evaluated the channels that marketers are retargeting, uncovered that, aside from displays, retargeting occurs most often through search. These outcomes give programs like Google RLSA a distinct advantage, especially when it comes to the future. Google RLSA drives higher CTRs and lowers CPCs. As a result of these trends, increased exposure across differing ad channels can increase trust and brand awareness for companies. Plus, repeated appearances to customers give advertisers greater opportunity to reach their clientele. A combination of these attributes contributes to the results of the Search Engine Land survey, but regardless, the outcomes remind marketers to continue to retarget across various platforms in order to keep up with the rest of the industry.

Finally, follow these CMOs on Twitter to up your social media game:

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