An Introvert’s Guide to Marketing and Selling like a Pro



There is a common misconception that to be a good marketer you have to be loud and brazen. Although this may work for some industries (selling cars for example), it falls flat when it comes to selling professional services. Most clients don’t want to be “dazzled” by slick routines or by a knocking down of price. When it comes to selling professional services, substance is the name of the game. And luckily, most introverts are experts when it comes to delivering substance. Here are 5 steps to market and sell your services like a pro.

1) Research – Introverts feel most comfortable when they are prepared. While extroverts can be great at winging it, introverts are very likely to stumble when they are unsure of how to respond. The best way to handle this is to be prepared. Do your research before you meet a potential client. A google search is an easy way to learn more. If you do find yourself stuck in a conversation, never hesitate to say “I’ll get back to you on that one.” It is much more preferable to get back to a client on an issue with a well thought out answer than giving a a quick thoughtless one.

2) Leverage your Listening Skills– Introverts are naturally good listeners. Leverage these skills! The more you listen, the more likely you are to pin point the exact area in which they need help. If it seems like your potential client is also some what of an introvert, invite them to converse with you by asking open ended questions. Be sure that your non-verbals demonstrate that you are keenly listening. In terms of body language, be sure you are turned towards them. If your legs are crossed, make sure your crossing leg is pointed towards them. Lean forward and nod to encourage them to continue talking. (These are proven body language techniques that convey trust and openness).

3) Master the Follow-Up- In your meeting with a potential client you may have done a lot of listening, but it’s the follow up where you have to transfer what you learned into value for the client. Most introverts prefer online communications, so master the art of writing a fantastic follow-up letter. This is your chance to really wow the client. Show them what you learned about them and how you can help.

4) Give it Away!-  The best way to attract clients to your professional service business is to establish your expertise and credibility. You can do this by writing a regular blog, publishing articles, and speaking at small gatherings where you feel comfortable.

5) Use the Media- The media is an invaluable resource-especially for introverts. Leverage the media to establish your expertise and attract clients. You can build valuable relationships with journalists who are always looking for good sources of information.

Don’t think that as an introvert you have a disadvantage in selling and marketing. You actually have a real advantage if you make the most of your own strengths and skill set.


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