7 Ideas for Making Your Company’s Pinterest Page Stand Out



Yay! Pinterest is so much fun! So many pretty pictures… So many yummy-looking recipes…  So many adorable crafts to make… So many gorgeous products to buy… Soooo many….

Whoa! Sorry about that! See how easy it is to get hypnotized into a Pinterest daze? And if you’re not careful, that’s exactly what can happen to you as you set up your company’s Pinterest page.

To avoid getting lost in the pretty, you’ve got to think military strike. Go in with a clearly defined strategy, execute, and then get out. Well, okay, maybe you can look around for a while – once you’ve finished what you came there to do. Don’t worry – those darling hand-crocheted baby booties will still be there when you’re done.

The key with Pinterest, as it is with every other social media channel you use to promote your business, is to stand out from the crowd. But how can you do that with Pinterest? After all, with every single user creating individual, unique boards, how can you make your page even more unique than anyone else’s? We’ve assembled a list of 7 ideas for doing just that.

1. Repin. Here’s the thing – even on Pinterest, no one likes the guy who only talks about himself. Rather than only pinning your own images, and promoting your own content or products, repin other people’s images as well. That will not only get you general good will in the Pinterest community, it will also forge a bond between you and the people whose images you repin. And that can only be a good thing!

2. Pin videos! Don’t get stuck on images. Sure, they’re the main focus of Pinterest, but for exactly that reason, you should differentiate yourself by adding videos, as well. Try to make sure that the image representing your video is just as appealing as any still picture, to attract eyes and interest.

3. Go behind the scenes. Customers love to feel like they have insider knowledge as to what goes on behind closed doors in your business. Let them peek inside by creating a board featuring images of your company at work – and at play. The more of a connection they feel with the real people behind your company, the better.

4. Tag, comment, and like. Don’t make your Pinterest communication a one-way street – interact with people, even if they haven’t initiated it! If you see a particularly gorgeous flower arrangement, and you sell flowers, comment on how much you love it. If someone posts helpful information that’s relevant to your own content, tag them in one of your own pin descriptions to send people their way. Make it all about community and relationships.

5. Create moderated boards for fans. Relinquish some control, and let your fans take the reins for a while – at least on one board. Customers will love the chance to share their own expertise or interests with your company and your other customers, and you’ll benefit from the extra engagement and re-pinning they’ll all be doing!

6. Invite guest pinners! This is a great technique to use when you’d like to invite an expert in your field to contribute – give them a board to work with for a certain amount of time, and then be sure that everyone knows you have that special person pinning for you. You can also invite bloggers to pin for you – what a way to get more links and a bigger audience!

7. Use secret boards! Nothing gives customers more of a thrill than being invited to something secret – just think of the secret menus at some restaurants, and the cult followings they have! Create a secret board only for customers who have purchased a certain dollar amount of products, or who have signed up for your loyalty program, and share images and content that’s for their eyes only.

Once you’ve finished making the perfect Pinterest page, it’d be a good idea to check over your other social media pages, as well. Take a look at our guides to making your LinkedIn page and your Facebook page stand out, as well, to get the absolute most out of the time and effort you put into them.


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