What Is Dark Social?

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Shama Hyder:

I want you to think about engagement more broadly. I also want you to realize that even engagement on social posts varies dramatically these days. So there’s a macro thing happening and then a micro thing and I’ll address both.

Shama Hyder:

So the macro thing that we see happening with engagement is that more and more decisions get made in dark social. And I’ve talked about this for years. Dark social is one of these fascinating phenomenas where people don’t raise their hand in public. They don’t leave comments. They consume information. In fact, in my book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, I talked about how consumption plus time turns someone into a customer or a client. And so that engagement, that consumption often happens passively. And now what’s happened is people share things in Slack channels, in LinkedIn messages, in Reddit chats. You’re watching this video right now. People consume content all the time, text messages. So this consumption is very much happening, the sharing is happening, but you can’t see.


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