Specialize or Generalize? Do This Instead!

Shama Hyder : Being able to communicate in general is a great skill. Anytime you can take a course in speech and communication, take it. I don’t care if you’re thinking, well, I’m going to be an engineer and I really liked sitting behind your desk. Whatever it is, communicating your value to the world, […]

3 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful!

Shama Hyder: These things are very indicative of whether someone’s going to be successful or not. These three things make the difference between someone who is going to be okay in their career and someone who is going to be wildly successful. But I’ve spoken at so many universities around the world, and often I […]

Think Like Your Customers

Shama Hyder: Moment of truth. Let’s be honest. You don’t have to be honest with me. You’re just honest with yourself so that’s okay. How many of you have visibly sighed when Amazon couldn’t get you something by next day delivery? Okay. Shama Hyder: How many of you have been like, “Ah, two days.” Right? […]

What To Do AFTER Covid-19

Shama Hyder: And I think this is such a great time to step back and say, what is it that we’ve always done and why? You’re revisiting your brand, who your customers are? What are they hungry for today? What are they really going to be hungry for tomorrow? And I think catering to that […]

DON’T Wait And See! ACT!

Did Blockbuster lose because they bet on the internet? No, they lost because they waited too long to act. Hi, this is Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media. Right now, along with COVID-19 we’re facing another epidemic, an epidemic of uncertainty. See, risk isn’t the killer of most businesses, it’s uncertainty. It’s waiting, and waffling, […]

How To Innovate During A Crisis!

When I talk about innovation, it may seem like a surprise when we’re really just all trying to in many ways survive. That’s my call to action to you today. Don’t just survive in these times, thrive, because believe it or not, people are thriving right now in this environment. This is the true meaning […]