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Cognitive Scale
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The challenge

CognitiveScale is a pioneer in the field of trusted AI solutions that are operationally and algorithmically transparent. As an innovator in a technically complex and often misunderstood field, CognitiveScale needed to own the conversation around trusted AI, addressing the public’s negative assumptions about the technology.


Position CognitiveScale as a trustworthy expert in AI engineering solutions.

The strategy

To build trust, we developed a custom thought leadership approach for CognitiveScale that included a strong PR push, content marketing, and a paid ads strategy.

The central component here was content. Zen Media leveraged the brand’s existing knowledge base to create informative, engaging, and shareable resources—webinars, whitepapers, blog posts, and toolkits—that pulled leads from social media to the company’s website. We then made these resources downloadable for free in exchange for the prospect’s contact information.

The results

Zen’s ads on LinkedIn, which leveraged these shareable resources and toolkits, earned an incredible 42% conversion rate and drew in a consistent stream of high-quality, targeted leads for the company, increasing CognitiveScale’s overall sales and deals closed for the year.

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