Why Google Plus Matters For SEO




Transcription of “Why Google+ Matters For SEO”:

Shama: So, Idan, let’s talk about your favorite recent social networking site, because I know you’ve been drilling all of us here at the Zen Media Group, and our clients should really amp up their efforts with the infamous Google+ because a lot of people still haven’t figured it out.

So tell me, what, why all of this importance on Google+, and from an SEO perspective, why are you so gung-ho about it?

Idan: Well, personalized search has been a long coming. We always knew that it’s going to happen. We just didn’t know when. Even before Google+, we saw Twitter had a partnership with Google and you saw a bunch of tweets for specific keyword.

Shama: I like that, yeah.

Idan: Yeah, so Google definitely wants to be in the arena of social. I mean, you can get a lot of valuable data that you cannot really get all that much from just search and from just websites.

Shama: So Google wants to pull in this data to better serve the users. From a website perspective, why should we care about our website in Google+?

Idan: Well, one of the reason is that now you see certain things on google.com when you search for things and you actually see your friends sharing an article, or +1ing a, one plus, plus one, another article that they really found relevant.

So it’s really important that your website, the things that on your website are actually shared on Google+.

Shama: What you’re saying is search is becoming so much personalized so if I am on Google+ and I search for something, the chances of me seeing something in my search results that a friend has shared, who might be in one of my circle, hence, I’m telling Google that I value them and their information, that’s going to show up in my results.

Idan: Absolutely. So we had a scenario here if you remember that one of our co-workers was having a webinar for one of our projects. Then they shared the webinar, which was an optimized page that had the title and the word, and she actually shared the post or the page on her Google+ profile.

Shama: The link to the webinar on Google+?

Idan: Right. So when I search for just the word webinar or free webinar, she was right there.

Shama: That was one of the first things to come up? That was timely. That’s generally as a keyword, that’s a competitive keyword, and in here you were seeing some very personalized results.

So do you think that’s the future? Do you think we’re going to continue using more of that?

Absolutely. I mean, I think that a big influencer, like people that have tons of people in their circle, in their network, are going to appear in Google personalized search. Your friends are really important because if you were to Argentina…

Shama: Because you can leverage your friends.

Idan: Yeah, you can leverage your friends. Who doesn’t want to get an advice or a suggestion, a recommendation from a friend, and just say, hey, this is where I’m going for my next vacation, and this is the restaurant I’m going to go to because they enjoyed it. It’s very crucial.


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