How to Use Instagram’s New App, Hyperlapse, to Wow Your Fans

Savvy businesses are already taking advantage of all that Instagram has to offer in terms of connecting with their online audiences. By posting glimpses of behind-the-scenes fun, tantalizing new product teases and demos, photos from live events, and other quick snapshots, companies are able to make their brands seem more relatable. This is an invaluable asset in developing relationships with online audience members.

Now Instagram has added another tool to the mix, and it’s one that offers many intriguing possibilities for online marketing.

Their new app, Hyperlapse, is actually not a part of Instagram itself, but rather a separate entity, for now, available only on iPhones (though an Android version is reportedly in the works).

So what does this new app do? It transforms cell phones into video cameras – but that’s not the half of it! Through the ingenious use of a phone’s gyroscope, it automatically edits any video made for stability. In other words, a person could literally jog down the street, filming as they went, and the video would come out looking as if it had been made using one of those smooth Hollywood camera gliders – no Blair Witch Project effects here!

Not only does this new app provide stability where there is none, but it also allows for easy creation of time-lapse videos, where motion is sped up for dramatic effect. Suddenly, smartphones can do the same tricks as high-end video cameras and video editing software!

So how can businesses use this new tool in their online marketing efforts? The possibilities are endless! We’ve put together just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Demonstrate your company’s services:

Does your company provide a service? Show off your employees hard at work with a time-lapse video! Whether you follow a technician as he drives to a client location, makes a repair or performs an installation, and then shakes hands in the end with a satisfied client, or give your online audience a peek at what your employees do all day in the office or the field, a quick video is a fun way to show off your greatest asset – your people. Embed the video in a “Day in the Life” blog post you write about your employees or post it on social media for guaranteed engagement.

2. Show what your products can do:

Follow a customer as they take one of your nutritional supplements and then power their way through the day, or capture the reactions of people on the street as someone walks by wearing your product. Give your online audience a glimpse into what their own life could be like, if only they purchased from you today – the more humorous or touching the better.

3. Make a statement:

What does your company stand for? Put together a video that lets your audience know. Whether you document your business’s volunteer efforts or create a moving tribute to those you serve, the medium of video makes getting your message across much easier.

4. Have fun:

Let your hair down a little and make a silly video just for fun! You can show off your goofy office antics and pranks, or just put together a funny time lapse that you feel would appeal to your target audience. The funnier it is, the more engagement you’ll garner from it.

If you’d like some specific guidance on how your business can incorporate Hyperlapse videos into your own online marketing efforts, give us here at Zen Media a call today! We’d love to help you connect with your online audience on an even deeper level, and start turning those online interactions into conversions.


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