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everything you need to know about mobile app marketing

Billions of mobile apps are downloaded worldwide every year. From fun games to new social media platforms, the small computers in our pockets give us the ability to have the world at our fingertips. In 2020 alone, users from all over the globe downloaded over 218 billion applications onto their smartphones and tablets. Researchers are expecting the mobile apps industry to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. 

Yep, you heard me correctly. The industry is growing and growing fast.

While this is great for developers, this high saturation of apps makes things tricky for digital marketers. Today’s competitive market means that a brilliant app idea is not going to cut it. Companies need to get creative and develop a plan to engage smartphone users in the long run. 

The sooner you start employing a digital marketing strategy, the better your product will stand out from the crowd. Our team at Zen is here to help break down some of the best practices for promoting your mobile app.

Mobile App Marketing: Tips and Tricks

You’ve created your mobile app. It’s in the app store, and it’s time to attract prospects and get conversions. Where should you start? Owned media—this is the media you have complete control over. The heart and soul of owned media is your website. 

Create a website.

Creating a website for your mobile app is of utmost importance when launching your product. 

Forbes says that every brand needs a website for the following reasons:

  • Establishes credibility
  • Showcases and informs users of what your brand is all about
  • Increases the chance of creating leads
  • Improves organic traffic and SEO
  • Keeps company and product-related news organized and up-to-date

From a digital marketing standpoint, a website should showcase content about your mobile application that is unique. The user should not feel like they are having the same experience visiting your website as they do on the rest of your promotional channels. 

Your mobile app’s website should also act as a landing page for any paid ads you are running. Drive prospective buyers to your website by taking them to this page with your CTA. Afterward, you’ll be able to leverage this data and learn more about your target audience. 

Write a press release.

Digital PR is a great way to create buzz about your mobile app—and writing a press release is the first step. A press release is a document that announces your product to the world. It includes the most important information about who your company is, what you are offering the public, and why users should care about what you are doing. The press release may include information on how developers used Docker when creating an app and what strategies they should implement.

Press releases are sent to online publications and press outlets before and after mobile apps launch. If an outlet is interested, they will reach out to your company about any press opportunities they have in mind. These include interviews, guest contributed articles, and social media shares. 

When writing press releases for your mobile app, make sure that you tell a story. Emphasize what is unique about what your company has developed. This way, you will have a greater chance of your news being picked up by an outlet. About 88% of PR professionals say that digital storytelling is the future. Build interest in your app by appealing to the public’s emotions and interests. 

Try influencer marketing.

B2B influencer marketing is a more modern digital marketing strategy. Similar to customer testimonials, Brands can build relationships with influencers to increase their social media reach. 

If a public figure shares their love for your mobile app, it will establish credibility and build brand awareness with those not aware of your product before. When tagged and shared by influencer partners, it will also drive traffic to your social media channels. 

Download The Guide To Digital Marketing for Mobile Apps

Our team at Zen successfully implemented an influencer marketing strategy into Beatleap’s social media campaign. Beatleap by Lightricks is an easy-to-use video editing app that allows creators to make fun, short-form content. To take their digital presence to the next level, we pitched both micro and macro-influencers in three audience segments: Lifestyle, Travel/Sports, and Casual Video Editors.

After establishing these audiences, we built relationships with successful creators in these segments. As a result, we secured seven influencer partnerships within our 90-day campaign. 

Influencer marketing brought with it some kick-butt results for Beatleap:

  • A 49.2% increase in impressions, a total increase of more than 80 million
  • Follower growth of 19%
  • More than 11.2 million views of their content on TikTok

Target your audience by showing them how their favorite creators use your mobile app. This strategy will do wonders.

Target your audience through digital ads.

Think of digital ads as today’s billboards and flyers—they use the power of the internet to promote your products globally. Use Facebook Ads Manager to aid in the launch of your mobile app. There, you can get specific about who you want to reach. 

Successful digital campaigns require engaging copy and content. It is not enough to tell people to click a link or download your application. You need to draw them in and show them why they should. Keep your copy short and sweet, and include a video or multimedia element. 

Don’t just take our word for it: Digital advertising can increase brand awareness by 80%. The same study shows that users are 155% more likely to look up your brand online after they’ve been exposed to display ads.

Use App Store optimization.

Optimize your app for success. This is the process of increasing your mobile application’s visibility wherever it is available for purchase. The higher its ranking, the higher the chance that users will check it out. 

About 40% of apps are discovered through app store searches. To better optimize your app, pay attention to keywords in your application’s name and description. Include relevant keywords that describe what your app does concisely. You can use tools like SEMRush to analyze what your audience is searching for and who your competitors are. 

Ratings and customer reviews can also play a significant role in bringing your application to the top of the app store results. Incentivize current users to leave a 5-star review by offering special rewards. 

These are just a few of the digital marketing strategies you can use to set your app up for success. When utilized together, you will see the best results. Want to work together on a digital marketing campaign? Chat with us!

Download The Guide To Digital Marketing for Mobile Apps


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