How to Maintain a Creative Marketing Strategy

As you may know, consumers have come into power in the business world. This means that marketing companies must ensure that these consumers receive what they want, which tend to be fresh ideas and creative solutions, constantly. How are marketing companies supposed to keep up with these consumers when fresh ideas are about as rare as finding diamonds in your yard? In many cases, there are companies that are solely focused on being listed at the top of the search engine results. While we can’t dispute that search engine results matter a lot, there has to be more to your company focus in order to draw people in and make them loyal customers. A lot of the “big brand companies” are big brands because their marketing strategies stay creative and relevant. There are a number of ways for marketing companies to come back to the consumer with creative ideas, but in some cases, marketing companies must undergo changes before they can begin coming up with new ideas.


Video marketing is part of a highly successful and surprisingly under-budget creative marketing strategy. While it can seem daunting to come up with ideas, most consumers are more interested in watching videos than they are interested in reading. Particularly, if humor can be incorporated into the video, then consumers are more likely to remember and return.

Listening to the Consumer

The developing marketing world means that there are new ways to interact with consumers daily. Twitter, in particular, enables PR agencies to connect to consumers and clients. Interaction with consumer’s no longer means telling them to buy. Today, it means responding to specific consumers, and listening to what they say they want and then delivering on it. If you know what types of ideas consumers have, and their desires, then it is much easier to come up with  creative ways to satisfy these ideas and desires.

Taking Creative Risks

Sometimes, agencies fail because they didn’t take a big enough risk. Though it might be easier to follow proven formulas for marketing, since they are less likely to fail, it can often seem formulaic to clients and customers. Being adverse to risk isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s being adverse to creativity and new ideas that can be bad. Though sometimes marketing communication can feel too different, it is important to note that open creative marketing communication can be equally, or more successful than formulaic marketing.

Creative Personnel

There cannot be enough written about having creative personnel. It is one of the most important aspects to maintaining creative marketing strategies. Individuals who work one the creative side of marketing communication are supposed to be, and should be encouraged to be, different from those who work on other departments. Creativity doesn’t have to be restricted to just one section, however. You should encourage your creative personnel to share their ideas, and problems, with others within your company so they can work to find a solution together. For more on how to help make your marketing strategy into a creative marketing strategy, talk to one of the inbound marketing experts at The Zen Media Group, or check out how Zen Media’s CEO Shama Kabani is using video at Shama.Tv.


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