Diversity is Vital in the World of Information Technology

Information technology is a broad term, covering everything from computer hardware to ecommerce. And because it includes such a wide range of businesses and technologies, all interconnected in some form or fashion, the IT community is a vibrant, flourishing entity. Far from being a unified, cohesive whole, however, it thrives precisely because of the diversity represented within its ranks.

Diverse viewpoints are vital to a thriving business community.

When professionals with differing perspectives on the issues of the day have the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions with one another, incredible syntheses can result.

That’s why we were thrilled to have the opportunity to send one of our own to represent Zen Media at the HITEC Leadership Summit in Palo Alto, California last month.

HITEC, the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council, is a global organization comprised of successful business executives from every area of information technology. Its mission is to promote professional growth for its members and to increase Hispanic leadership in the realm of IT by mentoring the next generation.

Members of the HITEC Board of Directors include such notable figures as the CIO of AT&T, the CIO of Hewlett-Packard, the CTO of Lockheed Martin, and the CIO of Comcast, to name just a few.

At their quarterly summit last month, members from all around the world gathered to honor the HITEC 100 Class of 2014, the top 100 most influential and notable Hispanic professionals in the IT industry.

They were also given the opportunity to hear from industry leaders such as Timothy Campos, CIO of Facebook, the keynote speaker at the event.

The summit’s theme was “The Effect of Hispanic Leadership on Innovation,” and it included lectures and discussions on subjects such as Hispanics in IT, Diversity & Inclusion, and Big Data & Innovation.

Our Zen Media representative, Paula Gean, was excited to be able to attend a panel on the hot topic of big data, featuring Ricardo Bartra, CIO at DHL Global Forwarding, Louis Tetu, Chairman and CEO at Coveo, and Thaddeus Arroyo, CIO at AT&T.

These three executives discussed the connections between big data and social media, as well as the use of big data in analyzing consumer trends. She also found Hewlett-Packard CIO Ramon Baez’s “Fireside Chat” on leadership to be extremely insightful, as he shared what he’s learned about how to connect with people and how to communicate effectively as a leader.

But one of the highlights of the event had to be when the Crown Prince of Spain himself, Prince Felipe, was made an honorary member of HITEC, calling the organization prestigious and announcing the launch of a Spanish chapter of HITEC, as well.

HITEC’s next quarterly summit will be held right here in Dallas, on March 20-21, 2014. Once again it will feature outstanding opportunities for networking and building relationships with others in the IT industry, as well as chances to learn from industry giants.

The message of these global IT leaders confirms our philosophy here at Zen Media – the key to online success is integration and collaboration. It’s just as important for us to coordinate our efforts so that all of our departments – from SEO to blogging, from social media to digital PR – work as one to support and promote our clients, as it is for each diverse element of the global IT community to come together to share ideas and support each other’s growth. It’s as true in business as it is in life: The more connections we all build, the better off we’ll all be.


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